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Wunderman Thompson scores big at the Clio Health Awards, Singapore team wins Gold for Pollution Capture Pencils

SINGAPORE — Wunderman Thompson Singapore, as part of WPP Team GSK/Haleon, has picked up a Gold at the Clio’s Health Awards for its work with leading nasal health brand Otrivin.

The innovative project “Pollution Capture Pencils” collects pollution by-products and uses them to make (certified non-toxic) pencils for underprivileged children in Bengaluru, India.

The initiative is driven by the fact that 98% of children in India breathe toxic air, according to research by the World Health Organization (WHO), not only outdoors, but also in their classrooms – where children spend up to eight hours a day.


In the first two months alone, 2 billion cubic feet of air was cleaned – resulting in 10,000 pencils created with the residue harvested. The project has been created with a self-sustaining ecosystem in mind, where by selling the pencils funds are raised for more purifiers to be installed. The initiative has helped fund 2.5 x more purifiers which will help 6800+ children breather cleaner air.

Wunderman Thompson Singapore’s Chief Creative Officer, Mateusz Mroszczak, said, “What an honor to be awarded a golden Clio at this year’s Clio Health Awards, the recognition from the industry is going to help this project grow even bigger and continue to have a positive impact on so many people.”

Along with Pollution Capture Pencils, Wunderman Thompson São Paulo picked up a Gold and Bronze for “Breathcalypse” for Listerine. Wunderman Thompson New York also won a Silver for “The Smallpox Simulator” for Meridian Medical Technologies.

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