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The Sugar Garden packs a sweet punch, both through stunning visuals and delectable delights

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — There’s a common adage in the culinary world that says people feast with their eyes first. Basically this means that food choices are initially dictated by how appetizing a dish looks before being judged for flavor. The Sugar Garden (TSG) runs with this saying but always makes sure to remember that while people come for the looks, at the end of the day they will stay for the taste.

Pandemic Baby

The brainchild of cake decorator Tommy Tomelden and self-taught baker Louis Tuason, The Sugar Garden was officially launched in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. After much experimentation, The Sugar Garden found its niche in the gifting market providing floral desserts that were both delectable and surprisingly stable.

Initially offering only three-set cupcake flavors and six flowers, TSG has expanded its repertoire and now curates a fully customizable selection that allows customers to choose cupcake base, buttercream flavor, any of their 18 different flowers, and down to the color of said flowers.


Modern Twists

In 2022, TSG has released a new line of desserts that take classic brownies and blondies and spruces them up into gorgeous rose shaped confections called the Chocolate Roses. These decadent and slightly hefty treats have quickly become one of its best selling and signature items. The Chocolate Rose line features the Triple Chocolate Rose – a brownie base with dark chocolate chunks and a Belgian dark chocolate shell, and the Banana Espresso Rose – a banana blondie base with dark chocolate chunks and a coffee infused white chocolate shell.

Investing in the Future

Stemming from its belief that having more artists will lead to more innovation, The Sugar Garden has recently partnered with the home and lifestyle store Gourdo’s to offer buttercream decoration classes. Ranging from vintage style cakes to its signature buttercream flowers, The Sugar Garden’s buttercream classes offer a unique and enjoyable experience for students at any level of experience.

The Sugar Garden continues to expand its catalogue by curating new floral designs, palettes, and classes and one day hopes to share its sweet floral treats beyond the Metro.

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