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Director Cameron Goold joins Farmer League for US representation

Cameron Goold

CALIFORNIA, USA — Creative film company Farm League welcomes filmmaker Cameron Goold for US representation. With wide-eyed curiosity, Cameron aims to create films that both explore and inspire. He specializes in stunning, energetic automotive work and tempers his projects with a true respect for the people and locations.

Based in Salt Lake City, Cameron first found his passion for film as a child, making backyard movies with his friends. He firmly believes that authentic storytelling is paramount above all else, and he keenly recognizes the value of stunning, purposeful visuals to elevate a story.

Mixing sweeping landscapes, dynamic camera work, and cinematic style with nuanced emotional beats that bring viewers close into the minds and hearts of his characters, Cameron brings a real eye and passion for stories of journey and adventure. With a portfolio of work that breaks convention and spans multiple formats, he has worked for a slew of high profile brands, ranging from Subaru, Land Rover, Toyota, Visa, Aston Martin, Audi, GMC and beyond.


Established as a trusted storyteller in the motorcycle space, Cameron has creative relationships with both Deus Ex Machina USA and Zero Motorcycles which span many years. Creating a wide array of short films, commercials, and other types of branded content, his short film “Painted in Dust” for Deus Ex was a Vimeo Staff Pick and set a new standard for mesmerising and heartfelt motorcycle work.

In his personal pursuits, Cameron is currently developing narrative work with the goal of talking about the serious, deeply human questions and issues we all have, but from a place that is approachable and doesn’t take itself so seriously. Keen to expand on narrative and emotional storytelling, both within and outside of the automotive world, Cameron is working on a new series for Type 7 (Porsche’s Magazine), which is currently in post-production. With Farm League, Cameron is looking forward to honing his storytelling and craft to create branded content and commercial work that really embodies the production company’s creative standard.

Cameron Goold, director at Farm League, commented, “I’ve been a surf film nut ever since I was a kid, and I can vividly remember seeing ‘Thicker Than Water’ (from Farm League’s Chris Malloy) and listening to the soundtrack non-stop in middle school. I began to follow Chris and Tim Lynch’s careers from then on. Adventure filmmaking is something I’ve always been passionate about, and Farm League’s adventure pedigree is a huge reason I feel honored to be part of the team. Just to have my name on a list next to some of these directors is surreal. The 13-year-old version of me would be losing his mind.”

Tim Lynch, director and founder of Farm League, added, “Cameron built his young career from the ground up; learning to work with the tools and resources he had to craft powerful visuals and emotional tales. As he’s developed, he’s continued to build on that foundation by always keeping craft at the core. I’ve watched his filmmaking get smarter and smarter as his stories keep going deeper and his visuals keep getting richer. I’m thrilled to kick down the door and make some kick-ass films with Cameron as we continue to tell artful, emotional stories around journeys and human experiences.”

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