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Abloy pays tribute to the Hollywood heist film genre, showcases coined term ‘keyvolution’

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Finland-based locking and access management brand ABLOY has launched a brand film campaign to highlight the digitalization of the age-old key and lock.

ABLOY introduced its first keyless mobile-use access management solution in 2020, followed by further launches in 2021 and 2022. To position itself as a pioneer in the digitalization of locking, ABLOY – with the help of creative agency SEK – coined the notion of “keyvolution.” With the term, the brand communicates an overarching, intriguing story about the ongoing technological development.

So far, the communication has mostly been targeted at niche, professional target audiences. Now ABLOY has rolled out the keyvolution campaign for wider audiences globally.


“It’s keyvolution, baby!”

To concretize the increasing shift to keyless locking systems with mobile keys, the marketing concept was set in a widely known popular entertainment context: the classic Hollywood heist films. The brand film follows how mobile, keyless ABLOY locking solutions outsmart the bank robbers. The security staff can rely on the technology with peace in mind.

“We crafted an entertaining brand commercial, with a classic heist film screenplay and scenic design. We created a bold, dramatized story where modern, digital ABLOY locking solutions bring a whole new twist to a typical robbery situation. The robbers will notice that there is not a single working mechanical lock in the vault, let alone a working mechanical key in the possession of the guards. So, the keyvolution is disrupting industries – especially fraudulent ones,” said Rami Utriainen, Senior Creative at SEK.

The film contains all the clichéd elements and mannerisms of heist films, down to the sets, with clown masks, classic American cars and police with their doughnuts.

“With this campaign, we want to stand out from B2B marketing conventions and our competitors in the industry, and instead create popular culture-driven, entertaining content. In terms of business goals, we are showing the audience that modernizing the old, you can increase security while improving operational excellence. So, you can also make bank premises even more secure”, said Abloy International Vice President Jussi Ahvalo.

The brand film with activations directs security and facility professionals as well as consumers to ABLOY’s keyvolution campaign webpage with content about keyless access solutions. The film has been displayed at cinemas, on video-on-demand channels and on social media. The campaign is supported with product-specific native advertising on media networks and social media.


Advertised brands: ABLOY
Advert title: The Big Heist – Keyvolution by ABLOY
Advertising Agency: SEK
Executive Creative Director Jarno Luotonen
Senior Creative Copy: Rami Utriainen,
Creative AD: David Cleveland
Project Directors: Hanna-Maija Paronen, Lasse Väänänen
Communications: Tomi Ertovaara, Sara Pitzén
Client Director, Head of B2B: Teija Laine
Production: SEK Osasto
Producer: Katariina Kangas
Director: Pekka Hara
DOP: Daniel Lindholm
Production Coordinator: Milja Kipahti
Edit: Vesa Tiukkanen
VFX: Gabriel Boicel
Analytics, Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation: Quru
Media plan: Dagmar
Published: 10/2022

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