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adoboPicks: Oppo’s film on finding freedom, Power Mac Center with Gretchen Ho and Ninong Ry, and more campaign favorites from this week

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The creative industry is brimming with tons of amazing ideas, so it’s no surprise that there’s never a shortage of great campaigns to admire and celebrate.

From gripping stories and new perspectives that embody what a brand stands for to new fun ways people can engage with a brand, here are campaigns that caught adobo Magazine’s eye this week:

A short film about freedom and rediscovery from Oppo


“How to Find Freedom” is Oppo’s short but empowering film about getting out of a rut and rediscovering all the joys in life through new experiences. The film follows a young woman who, after sitting too long in the dullness her recent heartbreak has left her, takes on the challenges of an anonymous account to explore new adventures. By documenting each new pursuit with her Oppo phone, she is able to cherish and empower each wonderful moment even more.

Power Mac Center’s video feature with Gretchen Ho and Ninong Ry

In “Crossroad Convos”, Power Mac Center follows Gretchen Ho and Ninong Ry as they go around Binondo swapping stories and sharing meals. In the video feature, we see just how the iPhone has become a vital part of making their lives easier. As they explore the area, it’s shown that the phone doesn’t just help Ninong Ry in his job as an iconic food content creator or Gretchen Ho as a reporter and host, but the iPhone also improves the way they enjoy everyday life by connecting them with others, letting them capture memories, and so much more.

Three stories of love that leads back to Cafe de Coral

Cafe de Coral has been a Hong Kong staple for 50 years, and as part of their new campaign by dentsumcgarrybowen, they released three films that celebrate stories of love that lead back to the iconic fast food chain. From familial to romantic love, the bonds explored in the series show how affection and care are sometimes best shown through sitting down for a meal together and sharing the joy and comfort that comes with one’s favorite food.

P&G’s fashion film celebrating the transformation of waste into art

As P&G launched Responsible Beauty, an environmentally friendly public welfare program, they also released an artistic film by Sweetshop representing the sustainability moves the brand is making. In the film, a dancer and several models in the P&G factory move to the beat in evocative choreography that draws the eye to their outfits and accessories made from recycled plastic, creating a performance that celebrates the rebirth of waste into art and expression.

PRETTYBIRD’s expressive Alexander McQueen film about the power clothes hold

In this Alexander McQueen campaign film by PRETTYBIRD’s Sophie Muller, singer, songwriter, and dancer Mettenarrative expresses how clothing can empower you by displaying her impressive physicality. Through the moves of Mettenarrative, it is made clear that clothing isn’t just clothing. It’s also something that can empower you to pursue your artistic pursuits and your desire for perfection.

Here’s a look back at adobo magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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