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Campaign Spotlight: AlmapBBDO reveals how they produced WhatsApp’s latest campaign, “It’s Between You,” while social distancing

SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL — WhatsApp’s new campaign, “It’s Between You,” features a spot created by AlmapBBDO which celebrates the way connections can continue to be nurtured despite social distancing measures. The film itself was also shot under special conditions that required social distancing amongst the cast.

“Through relentless search and networking, our production team sourced stage and photography directors that share the same dwelling with actresses, so that video shooting was possible given social distancing constraints,” said AlmapBBDO Chairman & Chief Creative Officer Luiz Sanches.

“The Friedman sisters, producers with firm Stink, directed at a distance with Pierre de Kerchove, photography director. Pierre filmed his own girlfriend, who joined both as actress and co-producer. For the scenes with the mother, one of the sisters filmed their own mother at the house they live.”




The film features a mother and daughter who share daily images of rays of sunshine from their respective windows, still using WhatsApp to connect with one another, to the tune of the 50’s song, “What a Difference a Day Makes.”

Carried out via WhatsApp throughout, the production work strictly followed the World Health Organization (WHO) safety guidelines. Postproduction also relied on collaboration at a distance.

“This is not only a script based on a true story. It’s a script that sprang out of a premise: what we could film these days without resembling an amateur production,” said AlmapBBDO’s creative director Pedro Corbett.

“We focused on stories of people alone at their homes and that didn’t call for much elaborate producing, only relying on what was already there to make the movie as realistic as possible. Although the production budget was not big, the quality has been the best possible. It is surprising how the hardest times can bring out the best solutions.”

Final Credits
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Client: WhatsApp
CCO: Luiz Sanches
Creative Director: Pedro Corbett
Creative: Pedro Corbett, Firulo, Erick Mendonça, Juliana Utsch
Production: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva
Account: Fernanda Tedde, Tatiana Vidonscky, Marcelo Porto, Eleonora Iazigi
Planning: Sergio Katz, Beatriz Scheuer, Luciana Shinoda.
Media: Fabio Urbanas, Patricia Rosa, Gustavo Lopes, Daiane Ferreira
Production Company: Stink Films
Director: Irmãs Fridman (The Fridman Sisters)
Photo: Pierre de Kerchove, Pedro Tejada
Sound production: Áudio
Client Approval: Maz Sharafi, Eshan Ponnadurai, Taciana Lopes, Bosco Zubiaga-Delclaux, Rodrigo Moran, Eric Rottenberg, Andre Felix, Felipe Chaves, Renata de Carvalho Costa, Ligia Mattos, Andre Gramorelli, Fatima Saliu

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