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Campaign Spotlight: Ars Thanea and Ogilvy Shanghai Creates Campaign Demanding Change for Greenpeace

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – There’s this chilling beauty behind three different cards posted on social media by the crafts and design studio Ars Thanea – beauty in its design, chilling because of what it’s really about.

The three cards, each with two photos inside them, show what’s happening (perhaps unnoticed) around the world, and what is causing them. One image shows melting ice caps, the other shows a glacier collapsing, and the last photo a forest burning – all three phenomena caused by a common culprit: burning fossil fuel.

Studies have repeatedly shown the consequences on the world’s dependence on fossil fuel as an energy source, and the fight continues in this joint campaign. The photographs have been carefully selected by the studio, and they have admitted that retouching the photos were necessary to make the collages into cohesive images that blended together.


On Ars Thanea’s social media, they posted: “We can only change 2030 if we all demand a change in 2020.”

The main message behind the campaign, as the studio has explained, is to further show how our actions today may have devastating effects on the future.

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