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Campaign Spotlight: Luxury Stores at Amazon presents ‘Luxury, with a smile’ by Fred & Farid Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, USA — In collaboration with creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles, Luxury Stores at Amazon has released its fall brand “Luxury, with a smile” featuring a cast of young global creatives.

Luxury Stores at Amazon is leading luxury fashion’s shift from an elite and exclusive club to an accessible and convenient resource for discovery, self-expression, and innovation, now with a smile.


The full campaign, comprising of 42 still photos and 14 films, was produced by the renowned directors and photographers Cass Bird and Andrew B Myers.

With joyful on-figure photography and films by Cass Bird, and product-forward mini sets depicting iconic European cities by Andrew B Meyers, “Luxury, with a smile” is infused with the diverse personalities and aesthetics of the featured creatives.

The fall campaign stars highly fashionable entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and thought-leaders, including Tommy Dorfman, Wisdom Kaye, Devyn Garcia, Irina Shayk, Jamie Xie, and Karen Elson, as they show off their most authentic selves through their luxurious ensembles and playful interactions with each other.

“Luxury, with a smile” makes high fashion fun again, as each film and photograph provides a blank canvas for the featured cast to express their authentic selves, whether that means breakdancing in sneakers, accessorizing statues in matching sunglasses, or playing with equally fashionable dogs.

Luxury Stores at Amazon’s fall campaign meets audiences where they are by celebrating personal style and reigniting the enjoyment of getting dressed, while also offering beauty products, various accessories, and more.

Full of energy and individuality, “Luxury, with a smile” is a joyful and welcoming celebration of high fashion, courtesy of Luxury Stores at Amazon.

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