Campaign Spotlight: #SocializeResponsibly is the new normal for beer lovers


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As the pandemic put a freeze to life outside our homes, a new consumer behavior has appeared during the lockdown. Socializing has now become a home activity. Filipinos are enjoying different things while they spend most of their time at home, like learning new skills, playing board games online, experimenting on new food pairings, or bonding with their friends and family online over a bottle of beer.

While under the enhanced community quarantines, Filipinos became more engaged in online shopping, and deliveries of food and essential items increased in the household. People adjusted to their new normal of dining and drinking in the safety of their homes, as most restaurants and establishments remained closed.


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In the beer category, AB Heineken, through its partner e-Commerce platform Drinkies.PH, saw an increase in demand for beer delivery in cities without liquor bans. Data from Global Web Index on Filipino beer drinkers show that beer has become an essential part of a COVID restricted life. Despite the reduced spend in alcohol in March, it appears to be one of the top nonessential category shoppers are planning on buying online even after the pandemic is over.  Globally, to promote responsible drinking and people’s safety under the new normal, Heineken launched on digital a campaign titled #SocializeResponsibly to support socializing in the safety of people’s homes during the pandemic.


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Drinkies.PH reacted to this market shift with laser focus on what the consumers want. Delivering to select cities without alcohol bans and using technology to act fast, Drinkies was able to grow its business 154% vs non-ECQ days. “Consumers are bringing their happy hour routine in their homes. They expect to get their orders fast. You have to be there at the moment of their need and leave them with a positive product experience,” said Juris Melencio, AB Heineken Head of Trade Marketing.’s promise is to deliver cold beer within 60 minutes and provide Filipinos with socializing experiences while social distancing. While trying to meet the demand of customers online, safety remains as the number one priority for the Drinkies team, making sure that people who order online are of legal drinking age and not under community liquor bans.

Filipinos are not planning to go back to their usual activities anytime soon. With social distancing in place, online beer buyers who miss going out will continue bringing their socialization home. AB Heineken Philippines continue to launch home delivery programs through its partner platforms and channels to help everyone #SocializeResponsibly. ABHP products Heineken, Tiger Black, Tiger Crystal Light, and Tanduay Ice are available through, Food Panda, Boozy, Grab Food and Grab Kitchen, as well as retail outlets in cities nationwide.


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