Campaign Spotlight: This China Airlines Ad by Leo Burnett Taiwan Encourages Viewers to Travel with Injuries, Haunted Souvenirs, and a New Face


Ask anyone, look at any travel ad, or just look up in the sky – wherever you go, someone or something will always show you how there’s just something about traveling that you can’t get anywhere else. Discovering new cultures, exploring new places, and encountering all kinds of experiences you’ll never get anywhere else are usually the things you’ll hear, but with China Airlines’ newest campaign, our eyes open to everything else, including the not-so Instagram-worthy moments.

Created by Leo Burnett Taiwan, the “What Travel Brings You” campaign explores all sides of traveling: the good, the bad, and just the unexpected. The film cuts under just 2 minutes and is packed with interesting stories of what travelers have brought home from their journeys – an injury from skiing in Hokkaido, a new fiancé from Rome, a ‘spur of a moment’ marriage certificate from Las Vegas, and maybe even an unrecognizable face from Seoul.

The ad takes a different route of enticing its viewers to explore all the possibilities traveling can bring, and even flips the common highlights for each destination. The scenarios mentioned above are the unique things you can do in other countries turned on its head. The exciting ski slopes in Hokkaido, the romance in Rome, the impulsive marriages that have defined the Las Vegas night life, and Seoul as the “Plastic Surgery Capital of the World” – these are just some of the interesting paths the film took and it’s definitely worth it to explore the rest. Or as the film suggests, “You never know what travel will bring to your life. Let’s find out.”



Agency: Leo Burnett Taiwan

Chief Creative Officer: Murphy Chou

Creative Director: Jin Yang

Art Director: Nana Tsai

Copywriters: Murphy Chou /Jin Yang /Chiahan Chen / April Kuo

Chief Strategy Officer: Leslie Chang

Agency Producer: Evans Kao

Chief Operating Officer: Sylvia Cheng

Account Executive: Della Chen

Production House: Yuan Yuan Production, Taipei

Director: Ging-Zim Lo

Director of Photography: John Lin

Executive Producer: Sharon Kuo

Producer: Terri Chen

Postproduction: Mind Biz Post Production

Editor: Chang Chien, Pai Mei

Sound Remixer: Allen Shih


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