Citroën is a « human centric » brand, putting people at the heart of their strategy, as told through their signature « Inspired by you ».

The #BornAndré campaign is simple : if a child born on the 4th of June 2019 is given the name André, Andrew or Andrea (with local adaptations for the 3 markets its launching in – France, UK and Italy), she or he can compete for a unique gift: a Citroën C3 Origins. A new car for a new life!

On top of that, this C3 is unique, with a replica of André Citroën’s signature written on the side of it and of course it aso comes with a personalized baby seat for the little winner!

The campaign launches on social networks today, on the 4th of June, in the UK, France and Italy, in the shape of a series of stories.

The Citroën Community Management team will also mobilize in their quest to go and search for the little Andy’s. Three countries, three babies and three brand new cars J

In France, the eligible names are André and Andrée; André and Andrea in Italy and André, Andrew and Andrea in the UK.

Check out the campaign on the Citroën Instagram:


Client: ​Citroën

Title: ​#Bornandré

Version​: 9/16, Stories Instagram

Media: Instagram & Facebook

Client Management: Arnaud Belloni

​- Claudine Borel

​- Stephane Barbat

​- Annejela Royoux

Agency: Traction/BETC

Agency Management​: Bertille Toledano

​- Hugues Reboul

​- Julien Grimaldi

​- Emmanuelle Woehrel

​- Anyce Nedir

​- Pierre-jean Fardin

​- Fadoua Lebbar

​- Romain Cialdella

​- Monika Polese


Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras


Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier


Art Director: Jacques Decazes

Copywriter​: Stephan Schwarz

Assistant Art Director​: Melissa Hofman


Creative Producer​: Caroline Petrucelli

Tv Producer​: Alexandra Kolasinski

Trafic​: Nathalie Sanseigne


Production​: L’ensemble


Director: Raphael Aupy

Producer: Benjamin Przespolewski

Chief Operator:- Sacha Bozino

1st Direction Assistant​: Florent Tassin


Music: “Ta Doum”

Group​: Dim Sum

Authors / Composer: Romain Pascal​

Publishing:​ Soundress

Supervisor: Start-rec

Country​: France


Post Production: L’ensemble