AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Dine out membership program Zomato Gold has launched in New Zealand with a straightforward creative campaign from J. Walter Thompsonand Mindshare, tapping into the New Zealanders—or Kiwis’ increasing appetite for dining out.
Zomato Gold is an exclusive subscription-based membership program that offers complimentary meals or drinks to customers dining out. With this in mind, a report from the 2018 Restaurant Association Hospitality showing that New Zealanders are eating out more often makes the launch timely. 
The campaign showcases the growing dining-out culture while unlocking a bit of Kiwi sociability, leveraging on the insight that customers are likely to enjoy both the social aspect of eating and eating itself. It was launched atthe end of February and will run until May 2019. 
Zomato Gold’s campaign also includes locally-resonant taglines across major billboards and other outdoor, print, radio, online media partnerships, social and influencers. 
Commenting on the campaign, Justin Barnes, J. Walter Thompson New Zealand’s Executive Creative Director said, “ZomatoGold brings an amazing new service for the people of Auckland. So, we helped them develop a locally relevant, hard-hitting launch campaign that put their hero offers front and centre. The campaign appeals to New Zealander’s innate desire to be more social by take advantage of Zomato Gold’s exclusive membership benefits of 1+1 on meals and 2+2 on drinks offering.”
“The many benefits of Zomato Gold combine to help New Zealanders share more social experiences with each other. Our program is the perfect recipe at a time when the country’s appetite for dining out is on the rise, and the “Be More Social” campaign taps into that trend,” Anand Sinha, Zomato Gold’s Global Business Head added. 
Zomato Gold’s program gives benefits like “Buy One, Get One Free on Food” or“BuyTwo, Get Two Free on Drinks” at over 150 restaurants in Auckland. The next registration window will be on March 8.
Agency credits:
J. Walter Thompson New Zealand 
Executive Creative Director: Justin Barnes
Head of Planning: Jacqueline Smart
Account Director: Shaun Rush  
Head of Design: Glenn Chapman
Creative Team: Nick Houghton, Gal Stern, Pete Vulinovich
Media Director: Campbell Smith