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GCash and Publicis JimenezBasic embark on a stylish 2024 with Heart Evangelista-Escudero as Brand Ambassador

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a fashionable start to 2024, finance superapp GCash unveiled international fashion icon Heart Evangelista-Escudero as its newest endorser. Together with creative agency Publicis JimenezBasic, the brand released a campaign film that not only showcases Heart’s dynamic partnership with GCash; It also delves into how GCash has seamlessly integrated into her daily life, becoming her go-to app for easy and secure transactions, whether online, in-store, or abroad.

Heart’s personal connection with GCash

Neil Trinidad, GCash Chief Marketing Officer, shared insights into why the Filipina actress was the ideal choice, in an exclusive interview with adobo Magazine. He shared, “Heart was really the perfect, and easy, choice for us when it came to developing this campaign. She gave a mountain’s worth of ideas from the very first time we met her, and the team was left inspired! Her attention to every detail was key for us to develop a material that was unique but also very personal to her.”

Raffy Raralio, one of the lead creatives of the campaign, added, “Heart was a good fit for the brand because she represents an aspirational lifestyle while balancing a more relatable and down-to-earth persona. While she is known for being a well-to-do fashionista, most Filipinos also know her to be hardworking and money-smart.”


He continued, “GCash is a brand that cuts across all markets and provides financial solutions for a lot of different needs, we feel that she can represent all those solutions well.

This in-depth understanding of Heart’s diverse persona laid the foundation for a campaign that lightheartedly integrates her aspirational image with relatability.

Drawing inspiration from her globetrotting experiences, Heart shares heartfelt anecdotes of how GCash has come to her rescue in various situations, from receiving thoughtful gifts using the Send Money feature to shopping online for her beloved dog, Panda. The film highlights the simplicity of features like Scan to Pay, which facilitates everyday transactions, even for a quick kwek-kwek fix. Notably, Heart’s elation during her first GCash Card coffee payment in Paris adds a touch of joy to the narrative.

In the film, she expressed, “For me, GCash has been a game changer. You can use it for so many things, and literally everywhere. From my local cravings, shopping finds, and even now that I’m getting ready to head out for Fashion Week season, there is no limit when I’ve got my GCash with me. Ang galing diba?

Beyond transactions, Heart discovers the multitude of features GCash offers. Users can send and receive money for free, enjoy vouchers and discounts when paying online, and benefit from the GCash Card for seamless transactions in over 200 countries, featuring lower foreign exchange rates compared to competitors.

From inspiration to script

Drawing inspiration directly from Heart’s interviews, vlogs, and TikToks, the creative team found a wealth of material. The challenge was to align these stories with the right GCash products.

“Heart personally shared her experiences and her views about finances and that really helped shape the script. As we go forward and hopefully produce more work, we hope to show more sides of Heart, especially her funny and witty side as that is also another aspect of the GCash brand,” said Dan Ramos, another lead creative of the campaign.

In the process of tailoring the scripts to align with Heart’s authentic self, the creative team attentively listened to the actress as she told them of her desire to learn more languages, try different ways of painting, and navigate her busy schedule filled with love for work. Furthermore, she also shared charming anecdotes about her married life that added depth to the narrative the team was crafting.

“We wanted to weave these truths with the products we offer. To echo Dan, as we continue to work with Heart, we hope to show more sides of her, and of course, more of what the brand can offer,” Da Delos Santos, another lead creative of the campaign, expressed.

Quoting Heart’s concluding line in the film, GCash invites users to revel in life’s best offerings through the most convenient and secure means — “In my Heart, GCash is the best way to pay.”


Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic

Managing Director: Tats Cruz

Head of Account Management: Katie Santos

Head of New Business: Raffy Parcon

Client Services Director: Missy Tolentino

Account Supervisor: Trish Remigio

Account Management Intern: Marty Leuterio

Chief Strategy Officer: CJ Jimenez

Associate Planning Director: Ysabel Castro

Sr. Brand Planner: Nicole Bugayong

Executive Creative Director: Trixie Diyco

Group Creative Director: Bia Fernandez

Associate Creative Directors: Raffy Raralio, Dan Ramos, Da Delos Santos

Art Director: Bea Talens

Producers: JAW

– Jem Lim

– Rita Vargas

Film Production: PABRIKA

– Direk Stephen Ngo

– Ana Fe Manuel (EP)

– Joy Orio (Line Producer)

– Dexter Paragas, Deanice Reyes, Katelan Teope, Neil Jara (Prod Staff)

– Direk Christine Blando (AD)

– Berhil Cruz (DOP)

– Adelina Leung (PD)

– Geneive Mercado (Caster)

– Bernard Aringo, Choice Israel, Gian Caluag (Camera Ops)

– Sheenly Gener (2nd AD)

– Face One Media Artists

– Bien Felix (Offline Editor)

– Biba Abiera (Colorist)

– Dolps Fernando (Online Editor)

Sound Production: HIT PRODUCTIONS

Music: Arnold Buena & BP Valenzuela

Post: Tara Lim

Casting/Client Services: Lea Lardizabal

Music Production Manager: Letty Asparago

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