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Sweetshop’s Liza Murphy directs global Singapore Airlines campaign by TBWA Singapore

SINGAPORE — Sweetshop Director Liz Murphy is behind Singapore Airlines latest global brand campaign, “Welcome to World Class,” by Six Toes and TBWA Singapore.

Starring the contemporary Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew, this new campaign builds on the brand’s strong foundations of heritage and takes on a fresh and modern look and feel.


Shot over a span of 30 days in five locations including Singapore, Mumbai, New Zealand, Shanghai and Barcelona, the film follows our cabin crew on their life journey and travels as they meet people through all walks of life in quite literally every corner of the world. We see them with friends, a moment in a crowded sports bar, with an elderly lady on the bus, with a little girl in the back of a car, and back onboard the aircraft.

The viewer shifts seamlessly between vast breathtaking forests with softly illuminated intakes of breath, to feet splashing rain-splattered neon-tinged sidewalks. It’s visceral and energetic, movement between the intense variety of both places and faces feels intoxicating.

Liz said, “I was really excited by this script. The most crucial element for me was that it felt real. We wanted it to be candid and believable — so that it feels as though our audience was along for the ride with the new three-dimensional cabin crew.”

Sweetshop Global Chairperson and Founding Partner Paul Prince, voiced his thoughts on the campaign: “Congratulations to Singapore Airlines, TBWA, and Six Toes for their latest ‘World Class’ campaign. I think director Liz Murphy and the Sweetshop crew crafted the story of Singapore Airlines beautifully; being a truly global airline, bringing the best in class with intimacy and care to the world. Truly ‘World Class’ all round. Congratulations to everyone involved.”


Client: Singapore Airlines
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing: Campbell Wilson Brand Marketing Manager: Eric Eng
Assistant Brand Marketing Manager: Tan SuAnn
Agency: Six Toes & TBWA/ Singapore Executive Creative Director: Andy Grant Creative Director: Greg Wood
Creative Director: Jimmy Neo
Senior Art Director: Chong Wei Cong Senior Copywriter: Claudia Riberiro Global Brand Director: Ben Israel Group Brand Director: Char-Maine Tan Social Asset Director: Harvey Hayes Executive Producer: Sariyanti Sannie Producer: Una Yoon
Print Producer: Deena Kamison

Production: Sweetshop
Director: Liz Murphy
Managing Director: Laura Geagea Producer: Allison Lockwood Producer: Luke Goodrum
Stills Produce: April Lee

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