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VaynerMedia creates over-the-top game show for Mountain Dew’s new watermelon flavor

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — To celebrate the launch of its long-awaited “Major Melon” flavor, Mountain Dew has partnered with VaynerMedia to create “Major Melon’s Mayhem Mountain,” an over-the-top game show inspired by the hyper-stimulatory sensation that is a taste of the new Watermelon-flavored drink.

Taking cues from the likes of “Wipeout” and “Takeshi’s Castle,” on Mayhem Mountain you’ll see challenges such as the Watermelon Ski, where contestants, including Dom Littrich of Inspired Unemployed fame, attempt to slide as far as they can down the very slippery, watermelon-scattered, pink-tarped runway. There’s also the Hill Dash, where they race across a steep slippery hill while being pelted by inflatable watermelons. Narrated by the eponymous host, each content piece features challenges broadcast as takes from the show, featuring influencers taking on various extreme challenges.

Australian Mountain Dew Fans have long been thirsty for a new flavor, and the brand has now delivered in explosive style, launching the bold and vibrant Major Melon flavor that promises to bring a mouthful of watermelon mayhem with every sip.

“We know Dew fans have been waiting a long time for a new flavor, so we wanted to make a real splash in letting them know Major Melon is finally here,” said Vandita Pandey, ANZ CMO at PepsiCo. “‘Mayhem Mountain’ is just such a fun and relevant way to bring the new flavor to life, I am confident the legions of Aussie Dew fans out there will love it as much as we do.”

Built on the insight that Mountain Dew’s Gen Z audience is continuously searching for newer, faster, hyper-stimulatory highs and challenges both in-feed and IRL, VaynerMedia eschewed the traditional product launch campaign to develop Mayhem Mountain as a content-first play created with social audiences in mind.

“A drink and brand persona as out there as Major Melon warranted a campaign that ratcheted up the intensity,” said Yash Murthy, Head of Creative and Consulting at VaynerMedia Australia. “Mayhem Mountain was the perfect vehicle to showcase this, allowing us to build equity in the Major Melon character whilst tapping into the extreme stunts, challenges, and fail comps we know our audience cohorts love. Plus it was just a lot of fun to make.”

Following the launch of the campaign hero film, Major Melon continues to unleash neon pink mayhem across social media channels including TikTok, Snapchat, Meta, and YouTube.

Watch the first installment of Mayhem Mountain on TikTok here.

Mountain Dew’s Major Melon flavor is now available in convenience stores and supermarkets across Australia.

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