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Brand & Business: Be G pa rin with your everyday life during this lockdown with GCash

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The COVID-19 pandemic and the constant lockdowns are challenging, but having an optimistic mindset and knowing that we’re in this together can make it easier for us to continue on with our lives and essential tasks. Don’t forget – staying safe is your most important priority and this means staying at home as much as possible, practicing hygiene protocols when you go out, and to get vaccinated to further protect yourself with a level of immunity against the virus.

Life continues even when we’re under a lockdown, so it’s important to make sure all aspects of your life that ensure continuity are in place – from paying bills, buying groceries, and more. Don’t forget to spend time on things that help you relax and stay connected. It’s also good to find time in extending help via donations, goods, and services especially during these difficult times.

GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, offers safe, secure, and convenient services to help you get through these trying times and go on with your life amid the pandemic. G Pa Rin, so here’s how you can get through these times safely and stress-free with the GCash:


Put your daily life in order. First, make sure bills are paid to avoid the trouble of disconnected services and subscriptions – from cable services, insurance premiums, water and electricity, among so many others. This ECQ, G pa rin magbayad ng bills safely using the GCash Pay Bills feature. GCash has more than 600 partner billers nationwide, so you can pay for everything from utilities, insurance, to telco and schools on the app. You can also choose GCredit as a payment option and simply scan the Pay Bill QR Code – para G maitawid ang araw araw!

You won’t go hungry or lack essentials during the community quarantine with GLife, which offers food, groceries, gadgets, and more. Simply open the GCash app and tap the “GLife” icon and from there, you can choose from a wide range of partner merchants. GCash users can satisfy their milk tea cravings and enjoy 20% off on all drinks from Tokyo Bubble Tea from August 10-24. What’s more, from August 2 to September 2, you can enjoy free shipping when you use GCash for the first time on Lazada and a P30 off when you pay with GCash!

Relax and stay connected. Gone are the days when you have to go outside or wait in line to buy prepaid load. By tapping the Buy Load feature on the GCash app, you can instantly load up your mobile phone. You can even choose from various prepaid load combos, like GO50 for students, which includes 1 GB load for school apps like Zoom, 1GB WiFi access, and unli text for 3 days. Not only that, but you can also get a P10 discount voucher for any Telco network or P20 discount voucher for Globe Products and TM Promos from August 1-31. And for those times when you have a friend who needs prepaid credits, you can also help him out using Share-A-Load. This may even come with a PIN for security purposes. Safety first!

Don’t forget to also enjoy some “me time” playing the Goama Games on GCash. How? Just tap GLife on the app’s dashboard, click on ‘Goama Games’ and select a game or tournament you would like to participate in. You can play free unlimited games for 24 hours or compete with other players within a paid tournament cycle for a chance to get exciting prizes from GCash.

Reach out to others in need. GCash for Good powers up the app’s users to show their true bayanihan spirit by lending others a helping hand. With GCash for Good, consumers can use the GCash app to donate to various charities and groups in need. GCash for Good currently partners with non-government organizations (NGOs) that champion worthy advocacies, such as education, environment, health, people empowerment, animal welfare, and many more.

GCash also lets you transfer money to another GCash wallet for free. Want to send good vibes to a loved one while social distancing? You can click the Send with a Clip feature on the GCash app and send a photo to make them feel special and loved.

Be protected. With GInsure on the GCash app, you can avail of health insurance packages for as low as P39 per month so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secure during these unpredictable times. To help you do so, GCash has extended the redemption of free COVID-19 and dengue insurance until Aug 31. Aside from that, GCash is also offering a Konsulta MD voucher for a personal health check from August 15-31. Meanwhile, with GInvest, you can also invest for as PHP 50.00 to help you boost and secure you or your family’s future finances especially this pandemic.

Even during these difficult times and lockdowns, you can stay safe, connected, and make the most out of your everyday life with GCash. G pa rin ang life while staying safe!
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