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Campaign Spotlight: Octopus & Whale embraces #ClingyBaby with Nestlé MommaLove®

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Digital creative hotspot Octopus&Whale made waves with their online film for Nestlé MommaLove Lactation Milk by fully embracing an area of motherhood that ads traditionally gloss over. Working closely with the client, O&W was tasked with promoting Nestlé MommaLove® in an authentic and relatable way.

The #ClingyBaby film depicts the struggles of a first-time mom as she tries to get through the day while her newborn daughter demands attention. Set to the familiar tune of, “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin,” the film takes a whimsical look at the bond (and accompanying separation anxiety) between mother and child.

Upon release, the film drew positive feedback for its instantly relatable premise that eschewed stereotypical glamourous shots and situations, in favor a relatable, real-world premise. According to Nestlé MommaLove Consumer Marketing Manager Kristia Requinto, much of the success lay in the decision to have a team of mothers lead the project.


“It definitely made our brainstorming & briefing sessions efficient and more enjoyable,” says Requinto. “Efficient, because what tends to be a complex and word-smithing exercise when it comes to humanizing the target market becomes more spontaneous and free-flowing discussions. To a certain extent, it feels like it is a personal advocacy for all of us moms to help fellow moms.”

“Absolutely,” said Octopus&Whale Founder and Chief Creative Joey David Tiempo. “It takes Mommas to know Mommas. Having been a working breastfeeding mother myself, I know that this time can swing you back and forth from happiness to hardship.”

Fellow mom (and O&W Operations Manager) Joy Miranda-Garcia shared, “We wanted to really honor what mothers go through with a lot of empathy and sensitivity. That’s why we chose Marla Ancheta, who is both a director and a mother, to best capture this all-too-real moment between a real mother and daughter tandem.”

Ultimately, the film struck the right emotional notes while reminding viewers that Nestlé MommaLove will be there to support mothers (and their clingy babies), leading O&W Co-Founder and Creative Director Pauline Ty to the very people to whom the film was dedicated: “Our appreciation goes to all breastfeeding mommas out there who are doing a great job of taking care of their babies. Please take time to self-care. MommaLove is here for you.”

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