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Digital: Get exclusive offers and discounts with the new and improved McDelivery

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Glow up alert! McDonald’s is leveling up their delivery service with the revamp of its McDelivery app and website, providing customers a swift and stress-free way to get their McDo favorites delivered wherever, whenever.

With the McDelivery app and website’s newest update, users can now experience a modern interface that is much easier to navigate. The new features ensure a stress-free experience from start to finish:

  • To ensure a seamless delivery experience, customers can now geotag their location, choose their preferred nearest catering store, see the order status in real-time, and easily reach out to Customer Support through Live Chat.
  • Order fulfillment options like Deliver Now, Deliver Later, Pick-up, and Send to Many are also available to give users the flexibility to choose their preferred way to enjoy their go-to McDo meals.
  • Pay your way through a variety of payment options via Cash-on-delivery, Debit/Credit Card, PayMaya, and GCash. Senior Citizens (SC) and Persons with Disability (PWD) cardholders may now register their respective card details to avail their privileges no matter the chosen payment method.

McDonald’s gives its delivery customers McDelivery Exclusives such as access to their Secret Menu, Mega Meals, and various McShare bundles that are available only on the McDelivery App and Customers can also expect exclusive discounts like free delivery fee coupons for all weekends from December 4-January 2! With these offerings, customers are sure to get the most exclusive and affordable deals when ordering their McDo favorites.



Enjoy affordable offers and a stress-free customer experience exclusively with the new McDelivery! Before the McDonald’s cravings strike, head on over to the McDelivery website or download the App now through the App Store or Google Play, and follow McDonald’s on Facebook to stay up to date on all things McDonald’s!

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