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Travel: Bright Trip Inc. Launches Travel Industry’s First Video-Based Travel Course, Bringing Experiences Closer to Interested Tourists

Bright Trip, an online service that offers video-based travel courses that are designed to equip travelers with knowledge and skills for a trip abroad, launched on December 18, 2019.

Bright Trip’s travel courses are meant to teach how to experience a place, highlighting for travelers specific experiences that they might want to visit on a trip. The courses are composed entirely of video and prioritize knowledge and experience over recommendations and reviews. Bright Trip’s content is different from other travel content because it serves as a tutorial instead of a destination review with a focus on high quality instruction led by relatable, experienced travel experts.


The service is ideal for travelers looking to prepare for a trip, learn how to avoid common travel pitfalls or to simply learn about the geographic and cultural dynamics of a place before they go.

“Bright Trip’s travel courses are like explainer videos with beautiful animation geared towards helping travelers of all levels prepare for their next trip. The goal of every course is to give you a rich, visual learning experience so the travel concepts and techniques really sink in,” said Johnny Harris, co-founder and Chief Content Officer.

“We are excited to offer an entire new category of travel content that is rooted in solid instructional principles, but visually compelling and fun to watch. Bright Trip’s courses are a drastically better way to prepare for a trip and learn travel skills,” said Andrew McGarrity, co-founder and CEO.

Bright Trip is a travel startup based in Nashville, Tennessee. The Bright Trip team includes Andrew McGarrity, an Ed Tech executive and former US Department of State Officer, Johnny Harris, the Senior Producer of Borders at Vox Media and Iz Harris, Producer of Travel, Eat, Repeat at Vox Media.

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