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Events: Virtuality evolves into online event with French digital platform Teemew

FRANCE – Virtuality, a professional showroom dedicated to virtual and augmented realities (VR/AR), will hold its fourth edition in partnership with the French digital platform Teemew. It is a visionary project for the world of events, with strong growth potential for all showrooms’ organisers.

Virtuality is evolving by becoming a complete online event, keeping its main goal: help boosting businesses. The showroom straightens its interaction with XR international ecosystem, while staying the primary venue where to learn and dialogue about the sector’s challenges.

A brand new format of virtual events approached by a team of specialists from both worlds: a tangible answer facing the consequences brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Virtuality renews the world of events:

With the consequences of the sanitary crisis on this industry, it has become necessary to create new formats of events. The situation has compelled this sector to innovate and stay active, in order to survive.

With this in mind, Teemew’s (Manzalab Group) and Virtuality’s teams developed a platform suited and dedicated to professionals from the world of events. The alliance between Teemew’s technical expertise and Virtuality’s knowledge of professional showrooms production has enabled the development of a unique solution on the market.

It is a genuine virtual business world that will be launched during Virtuality’s 4th edition (December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2020).

“We have studied all digital solutions currently available for business showrooms’ organisers, and we were not able to find any suitable solution for our needs and quality standards. We had to find a viable business model in order to offer an adapted experience to our clients’ professional needs. Teemew’s team perfectly understood our problematic and we immediately started producing Virtuality Experience. This solution will soon be deployed and adapted to many other professional events, if needed.”
Olivier Godest, CEO Virtuality

“Our “Teemew solution” is the outcome of six years of R&D. Our work is based on virtual attendance and team work using virtual reality. Until now Teemew was used for training needs, or for taking important decisions remotely. Thanks to Virtuality’s impetus we developed a specific solution for showrooms, available to all on PC and Mac. We believe that virtual attendance is the answer to tomorrow’s world, a world where ecological issues will be essentials and physical movement will be of lower ranking.”
Clément Merville, CEO Manzalab

From home, Virtuality’s visitors will be able to move inside a virtual universe and organize similar activities from the ones organized during the physical event: visiting booths and discussing with exhibitors, networking, exchanging virtual business cards or attending conferences.

The showroom will be open to all international professionals 24 hours a day.

Only using a selfie, each participant will be able to create its own photorealistic avatar in just a few seconds.

It will be possible for all participants to freely circulate in the showroom, send connections requests to other visitors, discuss by voice or text, exchange business cards, attend presentations, watch videos, etc.

35 companies have already made the move to acquire a virtual booth. Among them we find historical partners such as Microsoft or Orange, but also many players from the XR industry such as Minsar, Cap Gemini, Numix, Hérvé, Synergiz, Light & Shadow, Le Pavillon, Timescope or Lenovo.The virtual auditorium will host a rich program: keynotes speeches will happen every day from 10am to 7:30pm CET, as well as roundtables and pitches sessions.

Renowned international speakers have already confirmed their attendance: Joanna Popper (HP), Amy Peck, Robert Scoble, Andy Fidel, Dave Haynes (Vive X), Elizabeth Baron (Unity Technologies), Jason Lovell (PwC) and Lucas Rizzotto.

An opening towards the international through virtual

Organising a professional virtual event offers many advantages. One of the most noticeable advantages is the development of the showroom’s international accessibility combined with carbon footprint reduction: visitors from everywhere in a more ecological showroom!
Due to the reduction of polluting emissions engendered by avoiding many business trips, Virtuality will be able to welcome numerous international XR companies’ representatives. The intention is to convince lots of international professionals to visit this innovative events platform.

Countries already represented: France, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, United- States, Argentina, Poland, United-Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, India, China, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Chile, Brasil…

Virtuality, a business booster in the XR sector
Through this new platform and by promoting professional relationships, Virtuality pursues its main goal as the leading business booster on XR (VR/AR) market. The showroom aims to stimulate the growth of this booming industry. Virtuality enables companies from the world of events to stay visible, accessible and proactive. It is essential for this sector to stay dynamic.

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