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Campaign Spotlight: Dove Reflects Real Beauty in World Mental Health Week Campaign

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– In line with its purpose to make beauty a positive experience for every woman, Dove took the opportunity to remind women to take a moment and appreciate their own beauty on World Mental Health Week.

All week, over 3 million women came across an Instagram story that mimicked their scrolling behavior. The video featured a typical Instagram feed, scrolling up to show different women. However, the video suddenly went dark after a few seconds, leaving a blank screen.


The screen acted like a mirror, reflecting the viewer’s face back at her. A reassuring voice, accompanied by an on-screen message appeared to share words of encouragement from Dove:

Don’t worry.
This won’t be long.
Take this time to take a look at yourself.
To appreciate your eyes, your nose and lips.
Every detail you may have overlooked.

You are beautiful.
More than you think.
Of the many likes you’ve given, you should like yourself first.
Don’t doubt your real beauty.


Enough studies confirm that self-esteem and mental health are affected by social media. There exists a human tendency to measure oneself against another. While images of beautiful women on social media have the power to inspire others, they can be harmful if they leave the viewer feeling inferior or depressed.

“The Dove Blackout Mirror initiative, in partnership with WPP-Ogilvy Philippines, registered an ad recall lift of 6.59%, exceeding benchmarks of both

Unilever Philippines and local industry. It served as a powerful reminder to look at yourself with care. The people behind the brand are determined to continue its efforts to help address self-esteem issues with education and tools for parents, mentors, and youth leaders. The Dove Self-Esteem Project, running for over a decade now, has reached more than 20 million young people worldwide and will engage a million more in the Philippines by end year,” shared Marketing Director for Dove Masterbrand Ann Esteves.

Client: Dove Philippines
Creative Agency: WPP-Ogilvy Philippines
Media Agency: WPP-Mindshare Philippines

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