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Project Destination is a story about Filipino values, culture, and heritage

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After a two-year halt in its production, National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) Project Destination has been relaunched last July 24.

Project Destination tells the story of half-Filipino Andre, who, through his journey back to his roots in the northern region of the Philippines, discovers the values of family, heritage, and personal history.

The first episode establishes the estrangement of Andre, having lived in America for 15 years. He goes back to the Cordilleras to try and reconcile the death of his mom seven years prior. Here, he reconnects with his Lola Miling who seemed a loving maternal figure at first — boasting about Andre’s mother who built her a house and funded her catering business.


Andre also gets a culture shock when he witnessed the penance of devotees flogging themselves as a means of showing faith. He also discovers that his Tito Rommel also does this by crucifixion and asks Andre to be the one to drive the nails through his cross.

Throughout the series, the family drama unravels and the audience gets to see how tough choices are made, how forgiveness is earned, and how complicated family matters can be. During its pilot, Project Destination gives a promise of more than an adventure. Andre may know the reason behind his journey but he doesn’t know what awaits him in the end.

Migo Adecer plays the lead, Angeli Bayani as Isabel, Royce Cabrera as Jay, Linda Villalobos as Lola Miling, and Kate Valdez as Loret. Other cast members include Yul Servo, Paul Holmes, Acey Aguilar, Ross Pesigan, Tim Mabalot, Seth dela Cruz, and Yñigo Delen.

Dubbed as NCCA’s first mini-series and valueserye, Project Destination is written by Felinda Bagas and directed by Zig Dulay. It was first launched in March 2020 but after Covid-19 hit, its production took the back seat.

Project Destination will air every Sunday on Free TV via GTV.

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