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Digital: BBH invites all to sit face-to-face with legendary adman Sir John Hegarty with VR 360 coaching tool “Hegarty On…”

LONDON, UK – Ever dreamt of getting coached by advertising legend Sir John Hegarty? Thanks to BBH’s cinematic VR platform, you can now get closer to your dream than you had ever imagined. 

This week, BBH has released an internal educational tool Hegarty On… giving everyone a chance to have a face-to-face meeting with one of the world’s most awarded and respected admen. Shot in Hegarty’s iconic London office, Hegarty On… is an immersive experience, enhanced by a layer of animation, that sees the agency’s co-founder sharing his thoughts on creativity, art, philosophy, and advertising. 

Previously only available to staff, the 360 experience can now be accessed by anyone from the BBH website and is playable on smartphones, tablets and desktops, across all browsers. For greater immersion, the VR experience is available on Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus headsets. 



Developed by BBH Singapore in collaboration with award-winning directors The Kissinger Twins, along with MediaMonks, MIMO Production and Kuva, Hegarty On… comprises 17 short chapters and explores a broad selection of topics like: A Career in Creativity; Being different; Generating ideas and Coming up with Strategic solutions. 

Commenting on the platform, Joakim (Jab) Borgström, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at BBH, said: ”Everyone knows that Sir John is a great storyteller. Just before he retired from BBH we shot these videos in his office as we wanted to find an interesting way to capture his legacy in a space where many of his great ideas were born. His office doesn’t exist anymore so these sessions are a link to that moment of time when he was still around at BBH. By using the 360 VR technology we have tried to make it as close to reality as possible.”

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