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It’s raining noodles! ‘Wokker’ take to the skies in Russia’s first drone-vertising campaign

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s the latest airborne advertising campaign by Wokker noodles – and a Russian first.

Conceived by Hungry Boys for fast food company, Wokker, the strategy employs drones to promote its range of rice and noodle dishes to busy Moscow office workers beavering away high above the streets.  


Utlizing ten drones, the creative agency is flying a squadron of aerial billboards around Moscow’s financial district in order to draw attention to the brand at a time when consumers are thinking most about lunch.

Vlad Sitnikov, creative director, Hungry Boys, says:  “This is a captivating and timely way of raising awareness amongst potential consumers at an optimum period in the day when their minds are on food and eating.  It is the first time a drone-vertising campaign of this kind has been actioned in Russia and what better way to whet everyone’s appetite for what might come, by using it to promote the fresh and tasty Wokker’s range.”

Alex Gisak, co-founder, Wokker, adds: “We have never used or will we ever use traditional channels for communication.  Since our inception we have always looked for new ways to help promote our food and sending our message through the skies is certainly different.  It is marketing at the right time and in the right place. Hungry Boys have captured the fun and forward looking essence of the brand. Who knows, maybe we’ll start delivering our meals in the future this way.” 

Local deliveries in the campaign areas are already up 40%.

The placards attached to the drones showcase Wokker’s latest range of fresh meat, seafood and vegetable dishes.  The meals are packed in authentic style Chinese takeaway boxes, iconic to many Hollywood movies. 

Client:  Wokker
Agency:  Hungry Boys, Moscow
Copywriter:  Arthur Miroschnichenko
Creative Director:  Vlad Sitnikov
Producer:  Sasha Katin
Cameraman:  Max Malakhov
Illustrator:  Kata Semenova

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