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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — For years, Filipinos have been recognized for their natural talents in different facets, may those be in art, technology, or business. In recent years, brands and advertising agencies have been raising the Filipino flag, heralding marketing effectiveness excellence like never before. What makes it even more impressive now, however, is that these brands have done these while under the restrictions that the global pandemic has wrought.

For the purposes of this story, adobo magazine selected campaigns that were recognized by award-giving bodies thus trumpeting their individual effectiveness in getting their message seen and heard by those entities.

1. RC Cola – Basta (GIGIL)


The outright strangeness of this ad from independent agency GIGIL had social media buzzing in 2020, so much so that even Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her talk show. “Basta” by RC Cola then went on to claim the Grand Prix at the YouTube Works Awards as well as the David for creating a Goliath-sized impact for a David-sized brand while boosting RC Cola sales by 63%.

2. Red Horse – Red Horse Lakas Tama Channel (Huddle Room Media, Inc., NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc., Woo Consultants Inc.)

Red Horse has been established as a stronger alcoholic beer brand for decades but was looking beyond product marketing to create content people could share a beer over. Using YouTube’s infrastructure, the three agencies created online concerts, variety show sketches, and entertainment-led brand content that doubled its subscriber base from 2019 to 2020 to win Best Brand Channel at the YouTube Works Awards.

3. Lucky Me! Pancit Canton – Lucky Me Pinakahihintay NaThin (Mediacom Philippines, Publicis JimenezBasic)

It’s not easy to recover from a backlash after changing what was proven and loved by the market but Lucky Me! Pancit Canton did that by returning to its thinner noodles and older formula. By tapping YouTube creator Mimiyuuuh who then met people who asked for the change on social media, it won Best Collaboration at the YouTube Works Awards and lifted the purchase intent of 225,000 users as well as brand favorability of 305,000 users.

4. Nestle Chuckie – Ilang Sandali (McCann Worldgroup)

The relationship between parent and child is a perennial source of inspiration for great campaigns and this was certainly the case in the form of McCann Worldgroup’s “Ilang Sandali” for Nestle Chuckie. Showing how parents need to relish every moment with their children amidst the pandemic, it was recognized by the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards Pilipinas 2021.

5. Ginebra San Miguel – Bagong Tapang (dentsu one manila)

Filipino resilience in the face of the current pandemic has been severely tested since March of 2020 but dentsu one manila found a way to create an inspirational campaign about that for Ginebra San Miguel. The resulting “Bagong Tapang” ad was honored at KCEA Pilipinas and was based on actual stories of real people with a goal to inspire their countrymen to carry on in the face of struggles.

6. Fita – Sports Car (Publicis JimenezBasic)

Recalling a previously successful campaign not only reinforces a brand’s recall with an audience, it also allows the story to continue in several ways. Publicis JimenezBasic did that by revisiting a previous campaign for Monde Nissin Corporation’s Fita brand and putting another humorous spin that was recognized by the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards Pilipinas 2021 for its twist.

7. Globe Telecom – A Star Wars Experience for All (Wunderman Thompson Philippines)

Prior to the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Wunderman Thompson Philippines released a campaign that tugged at the heartstrings as they had done in the most recent chapters of the Star Wars saga. The resulting film that showed two kids trying to build their own X-Wing Fighter for their friend to experience earned silver at the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards for the Advocacy/Humanity and Culture category.

8. McDonald’s Philippines – McClassroom (Leo Burnett Manila)

Limited WiFi access and limited internet in several areas were felt by many teachers as the pandemic began and they attempted to continue to teach their classes albeit remotely. The Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards recognized McDonald’s Philippines with gold in Education and Lifelong Learning/Humanity and Culture as well as Brand Experience/Creative on top of a silver for Brand Experience and Activation/Media for converting several party rooms that have been closed into sanitized workspaces.

9. Comic Odyssey – #SuitsforHeroes (Wunderman Thompson Philippines)

The significance of wearing masks and PPEs has never been more emphasized than it has been during this pandemic and it was not lost on Wunderman Thompson Philippines how that resonates with comic book superheroes. A campaign they created for comic book retailer Comic Odyssey featured the art of several prominent Filipino comic artists such as Leinil Francis Yu, Whilce Portacio, Kajo Baldisimo, Stephen Jorge Segovia, Mico Suayan, and Harvey Tolibao praising real-life heroes for wearing masks and PPEs. It was enough to be awarded bronze at the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards for Responsible Citizenship/Humanity and Culture and a Bronze Lotus at ADFEST 2021 for Print and Outdoor Craft – Resilience in Creativity.

10. The Dissolving Bottle (BBDO Guerrero)

Knowing the bias that people associate shampoo with the bottle shape yet wanting to lessen the waste produced by discarded shampoo bottles, BBDO Guerrero proceeded to develop a campaign that keeps that association alive without the plastic waste. “The Dissolving Bottle” did just that, resulting in acclaim in the form of a Bronze Pencil at The One Show for Packaging/Specialty and a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for Design.


These are just ten examples of Filipino marketing effectiveness excelling and being recognized over the past few months. They are also proof that there are various ways of creating campaigns that can be considered effective, whether it be through an advocacy, a value promoted, using humor, doing something innovative, or other means, Filipino brands and agencies continue to generate campaigns that resonate and have earned praise both here and abroad.

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