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Adobo Main Course Presents Brandwatch’s Christel Quek

MANILA – Christel Quek, one of the most prominent figures in the digital and social media landscape, is coming back to the Philippines for a one-day lecture, sharing vital knowledge and practical applications of social media in today’s business and modern trade.

On October 14, adobo will present another Main Course with Christel Quek at the Mind Museum with the goal of providing valuable answers to the question, “where’s the ROI for my investment in social media?”

As most enterprises measure successful social media campaigns by the number of followers and volume of retweets, Quek describes this current practice as shallow ROI at best, and aims to share more in-depth analysis in order to further utilize this dynamic platform.


“ROI lies in the hands of those who think about the ‘now what?’ Because the real value of social is less about monitoring what’s been tweeted and shared (what?), and more about the implications of this information (so what?) and ultimately in how this intelligence is operationalized (now what?):

:The ROI of real-time social intelligence can be profound – it can save money (customer service issued handled over Twitter than through a call center), protect assets (e.g. understand threats against facilities/executives or learn about a broken ATM via public tweets) or even create new revenue streams (e.g. analyzing social inputs for product development.) It’s time to think more expansively about the ROI of social media.”

Christel Quek currently serves as the Vice President of Southeast Asia at Brandwatch, an exciting, fast-growing social media intelligence company. Brandwatch is ranked as the leader in the social media intelligence space by G2 Crowd, with over 300 people across New York, Brighton, Berlin, London, and Stuttgart. Previously, Christel  led Content for Twitter across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, Russia & Greater China. At Twitter, Christel developed #WinAtContent, the first always-on content planning program in the region, and produced Twitter’s first book for its international markets – “Tweets From the Top – Twitter for Executives, Asia-Pacific”.

For more details, or inquiries into group discounts or early-bird rates, and to sign up for the adobo Main Course on Realizing Your Social Media ROI, please contact Joche Guerrero at (02) 845-0218 or

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