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Brand & Business: WWF launches series on sustainable home cooking ‘Kawali-Kasan’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In an effort to promote sustainable food consumption and production, as well as fundraise for its partner communities, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines launched its latest online initiative this August 16 entitled “Kawali-Kasan: A Sustainable Home Cooking Series.”

With home-based activities like cooking and baking becoming a popular hobby during the quarantine period, the series will feature the country’s top celebrity chefs and cooking personalities, who will share their delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly recipes for the audience to try.


Kate Dychangco-Anzani, who is among the first batch of chefs and personalities to share their cooking expertise, highlighted the importance of practicing sustainability in the food industry, sharing her experience as a successful restaurateur for the Anzani Restaurant Group.

“The pandemic has changed how we see the world. We are in the food industry — and to go back to basics, especially supporting those who support us is a reality. The farmer community supports our industry. The core of restaurants and the very foundation of a restaurant is fresh ingredients and produce,” said Anzani. “Supporting local is the most visible solution moving forward. And you live by example. Hopefully those around you and the people that surround you get influenced by the life you live. Everything starts at home — you need to live the walk.”

Also joining the first wave of the series is reality TV chef JR Royol who shared the same sentiments about the significance of personally observing sustainable habits in one’s everyday life.

“It is actually a privilege to be part of this great initiative. Being a chef, it’s a natural response to an opportunity to have a positive impact in any way we can. Sharing my skills to raise funds and awareness is the least that I can do. Realistically speaking, we should start (living sustainably) in our homes and workplace since these are the areas that we can change in real time by consciously adapting to environment-friendly best practices,” the MasterChef Pinoy Edition winner quips.

He also encouraged people to immediately shift to a more sustainable lifestyle to help #ChangeTheEnding for the environment.

“We should act now. We can and we have the courage to summon necessary strength to positively impact our surroundings. We start with the simplest and mundane things. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures — just consistent, conscious practices for conservation and preservation to be established.”

“Kawali-Kasan: A Sustainable Home Cooking Series” is set to run until October 2020. Visit WWF-Philippines’ official social media pages for further announcements for the succeeding line-ups and to know more about how you can help those in the forefront of environmental conservation.

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