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#GARYBEE: Jollibee and Gary V. face off in epic dance showdown

Jollibee is at it again. Only this time, the mascot and Gary Valenciano face off in a dance showdown in the G-Force studio.

The tables have turned for Jollibee, who surprised Teacher Georcelle in last year’s G-Force audition, captured in a clip that became viral across social media.

This new video starts with the mascot practicing his dance moves, and getting interrupted with a message and a dance-off challenge. It is later revealed to be from one of his “best friends,” no less than “Mr. Pure Energy” himself, Gary V.


This latest installment to the JolliDance Showdown series, which has earned more than a million views since its Friday afternoon upload, got fans excited as the duo danced to Gary’s signature hit “Hataw Na.”

“This is Hataw Na. You can’t just wing it. You have to bring it,” dared Valenciano.

The video shows the two dance royalties dancing in sync and taking their moves to every corner of the G-Force Studio, as they enjoyed the adrenaline from the music and each other’s enthusiasm.

Valenciano shared, “I’m really excited for the people to see it. Kids might go ‘Uy si ano oh. Sino ba ‘yon?’ then the parents would say ‘Uy si Gary ‘yan ah, humahataw!’ and then the kids would respond with ‘Siya ba ‘yon? Si Jollibee oh, ang galing din, and that’s the precious bond we want to enable with this video.”

The notable Filipino performer enjoyed spreading “good vibes” in this collaboration with the fast food chain’s iconic mascot. Gary added, “It’s all out having a good time. It’s about being at our best on the dance floor and bringing out that passion for music in each other.”

Catch the “Hataw Na” showdown from Jollibee and TV 100, the same team behind the JolliDance performance video with Teacher Georcelle.

The full video is available on Facebook at, and on the Jollibee Philippines YouTube channel, and can easily be viewed through its official hashtags: #JolliDanceShowdown and #GaryBee.

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