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IMMAP introduces new categories and special competitions for Boomerang Awards 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After 14 years of celebrating digital marketing innovation, creativity, and impact, IMMAP’s Boomerang Awards have taken on a new and bolder moonshot: Digital Transformation. Inspiring its members and their communities to “TRANSFORM,” the show looks beyond conventional marketing success and aims for digital work that has a transformative impact on brands, businesses, and markets.

“Digital transformation can be daunting, but it’s also a field where dark horses and challengers excel,” said Boomerang Awards Chair Cynthia Dayco. “So we added more opportunities for everyone to compete.”

This year’s show now accepts entries to 16 categories including Gaming, Digital Production, Applied Innovation in Traditional Media, and Emerging Channels & Experiences. In addition to its special categories Blue Impact Boomerang (powered by Meta), Purple Boomerang (for DEI), and White Boomerang (for pivotal transformation), the show introduces two new special competitions:


• The Crystal Boomerang, powered by Google: the best in performance marketing using Google AI

• The Orange Boomerang, powered by Hyper Island: Top 10 Digital Leaders who drive transformation.

Of the latter, Cynthia added, “One does not have to be a large advertiser, an agency network, or even an organization to push for digital transformation. You can simply be a professional who is creative, adaptive, and open to challenges and opportunities previously unimaginable.”

One more notable change is that the organizers have made the case write-up and presentation board as the main requirements in the entry, while case videos are now optional. This allows companies of all sizes and even first-time entrants to showcase their work, without worrying about the expense of a case video.

“Boomerang celebrates work that’s innovative, creative, and impactful, wherever you are in your digital
transformation,” said Co-Chairperson Raymund Sison. “Only truly transformative ideas win here.”

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