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Man with a plan: James Deakin shows how you can start small and do bigger things with the Galaxy Note8

MANILA — Since its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has been known as the ultimate phone that helps with productivity, designed purposely for people who make things happen. It is built for visionaries and doers, with features that make multitasking easier, giving you the smartest and most productive experience you could have through a phone. It carries the Intelligent S Pen, Ultimate Dual Camera, impressive Infinity Display; and it opens to new worlds, like the enhanced personal assistant, Bixby, and Samsung DeX, which allows you to turn your phone into a PC, all functioning at their best together for you to do bigger things with the power of your Galaxy Note8; so it comes as no surprise that someone who has been making noise on the streets and online for nothing less than a good cause would choose to have the Galaxy Note8 as his phone.

James Deakin is a man with a plan. More than a car enthusiast, motoring blogger, automotive journalist, he’s also an advocate of road safety and ridesharing with a vision to get people to come together—quite literally, via ride sharing/carpooling—in order to solve the much dreaded perennial traffic problem.

“James embodies what the Galaxy Note8 truly is—going above and beyond, doing bigger things than most,” says Nio Judalena, Marketing Head for IT and Mobile of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation. “You feel how strong and genuinely passionate James is about his advocacy in the way he talks about it, and it’s impressive that he not only has a vision but also a concrete plan to make it happen,” he explains.


James is a doer, and so is the Galaxy Note8. The Galaxy Note8 has the best features you could imagine on a phone, making it James’ choice as an everyday smartphone companion. When asked about how he uses his Galaxy Note8, he says, “The S Pen makes it easier for me to take notes, like when I’m working on a review on a car I’m test driving or jot down quick points —all I need to do is simply pull out the S Pen to start writing even when the screen is off! I also get to maximize the screen by reading more with less scrolling. The large bezel-less screen gives me more room to watch videos we produce before publishing or even movies which is quite a theatrical experience. And considering that I’m always posting on social media, the camera gives me more confidence to take quality photos I can immediately share with people.”

In the latest Samsung video that is going viral, we see James taking the Galaxy Note8 as his companion, James gives us a glimpse in the video of how it is to be behind the wheel and be of service to millions of Filipinos commuting every day. He drives for a ride-sharing app and then a jeepney to show that indeed, Filipinos are worth driving for, but not in the condition that they have to sit through hours and hours of traffic just to get to where they’re supposed to be. More than his vision to manage the traffic problem in Manila, his advocacy aims for something much bigger than that—he wants people to make the most of their time and do more things rather than just being stuck on the road for hours.

This is a call to do bigger things by starting small. James believes that sharing a ride can help reduce traffic—a simple and small act that can lead to a big change that can take the hassle off of us when we commute. How about you, where do you want to start to do bigger things? 

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