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Top photographers and ‘It Girls’ do a photo shoot with just a Samsung smartphone

MANILA – The resurgence of the point-and-shoot trend in photography has become more exciting because of the high quality photos a smartphone can take. This phenomenon is so true that you’re probably using your smartphone as your primary camera now, aren’t you? It’s fast, easy, and something that you always have with you.


Low-quality smartphone cameras can easily spoil your precious memories with its blurred and off-focus shots, which is why having a superior smartphone camera is extremely crucial. This is especially true for social media savvy millennials such as you, me, and Manila’s favorite besties, Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson. They are individuals who share so much of their lives on social media, from Instagram posts of their meals to snaps from their shoots, which makes a stellar smartphone camera an absolute necessity.



Just recently, if you’ve been following them on Instagram, the girls posted videos where they dared each other to go beyond what a regular smartphone camera can do and see how far their smartphones can take them.


Georgina initially posted a video of herself on the set of what seemed to be a low-light, neon photoshoot. Let’s put it into context. A full photoshoot with just a smartphone camera… Wow.

@maria.elena.adarna dared me to go beyond, and i took it to the next level. There are no limits, even in the dark, thanks to the #GalaxyS7ph‘s dual-pixel camera! Your turn @solennheussaff 🙂


As a response, Solenn took it even further, posting a video of her in a pool, with tripods and a crew in the background. One can only assume that she is hinting towards an underwater photoshoot with just a smartphone. Sounds insane, right?

pa challenge challenge ka pa diyan!!! Rethink what your phone can do!! I dont think anyone can top this, right @ilovegeorgina? I can #DaretoGoBeyond With the #GalaxyS7PH Because i can take it everywhere thanks to its ip68 (water resistant) feature. You’ll be able to catch my photos soon enough 🙂


If that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s a glimpse of topnotch photographers BJ Pascual and Mark Nicdao in said videos! Two shoots, one in the dark and the other underwater, done by the country’s best photographers and featuring the most beautiful faces in the Philippines. How can you not go nuts?


Photos shot using a DSLR are sometimes far from perfect but photos from a smartphone? Sure, they can be good, but you wouldn’t really expect DSLR quality. So when you hear about this pro photoshoot using just a smartphone, aren’t you just skeptical about how the photos are going to turn out?


Everybody’s curious and everybody’s got questions, but Solenn, Georgina, BJ, and Mark seem pretty confident and excited about this stunt – confident and excited enough to put up teasers on IG!


Seriously, how could you go wrong with faces like Solenn’s and Georgina’s? No shoot could go wrong with these two no matter what camera you use. The fact that they agreed to do this shoot with a smartphone must have been a guaranteed success for them to agree. And if we’re to go about things logically, it’s more than safe to say that this smartphone is just slaying it by pulling this off really well. Really, you might have seen a phone take a dip, but with Solenn’s video, I just took the plunge; and in Georgina’s video, have you ever seen a phone take that good quality in the dark? We don’t think so. That phone must be something amazing to do it all.


Well, we’ll just have to wait for a few more weeks to see the results. For now, we wish them all good luck!

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