Pentagram’s Paula Scher designs a new brand identity for the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the world’s largest library, with a dynamic logotype that is a visual metaphor for a bookshelf or bookcase––a place to collect things.

Barwis: A Symbol of Strength

Michael Bierut and team create a powerful brand identity for Barwis, the holistic human performance company founded by Mike Barwis, one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches.


Cote: Gogijib or Go Home

Emily Oberman and team design the brand identity, messaging, website and environmental graphics for Cote, the Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse in New York that combines the flavors and ambience of traditional Korean barbecue with those of the classic American chophouse.

Laurence King: ‘Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner’

Spice up your soirées and impress your guests with “Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner,” a collection of highly amusing and potentially perilous tricks and challenges, designed by Angus Hyland and published by Laurence King.

University of Sussex: An Almost Unbiased Guide to Choosing a University

Naresh Ramchandani and team create “The Definitive University Checklist,” a 60-second brand film that showcases the University of Sussex to prospective students, featuring Lord Richard Attenborough, Mr. Toad and K-pop dance troupe.

PizzaUP: Yes, Korea Does Pizza

Angus Hyland designs the brand identity, messaging and packaging for PizzaUP, an innovative fast-food concept from South Korean food company SPC Group that offers made-to-order, artisanal pizzas prepared in 90 seconds.