Blue Star and FCB Interface bring back Heat Man for summer and introduce 2 new characters

MUMBAI, INDIA — Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company Blue Star has teamed up with creative agency FCB Interface for an exciting summer campaign. The campaign, starring brand ambassador Virat Kohli, introduces three new films set to captivate audiences nationwide. Building on last year’s success, the series now includes “Heat Woman” and “Bhayankar Garmi,” alongside the beloved “Heat Man.”

Taking forward the thought of “Blue Star Fast Cooling AC, Karde Garmi Ki Chhutti,” the first film titled Summer Vacation shows “Heat Man” and “Heat Woman” looking to spend their summer vacation at Virat’s house. The second film, Dance, shows multiple “Heat Men” and “Heat Women” trying to intimidate Virat. The third film, Bhayankar Garmi, shows “Heat Man” entering Virat’s house along with “Bhayankar Garmi,” focusing on the Heavy Duty AC from Blue Star.

The campaign extends across various platforms, including OOH, digital, and dealership collaterals, emphasizing Blue Star’s commitment to delivering 100% cooling efficiency even in extreme temperatures.                                                                  


Girish Hingorani, Vice President for Marketing (Cooling & Purification Appliances) and Corporate Communications, said, “The market for room ACs is at its inflection point and is poised to grow exponentially over the next few years. This represents a huge opportunity for us, having over 80 years of AC expertise. The main differentiator of our room ACs is high cooling performance, which results in fast cooling in harsh summer conditions. In addition, we have a new range of Heavy-Duty ACs designed to deliver 100% cooling at even 43 °C and work under temperatures as high as 56 °C. Virat has significantly helped build the company’s brand equity, and the TV commercials featuring him last year, which revolved around the personification of heat, were well received. This year, we endeavor to take this theme several notches higher with multiple Garmi characters, enlivened with quirkiness, humor, and simple comprehension amongst first-time buyers.”

Rakesh Menon, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Interface, shared, “Blue Star Inverter ACs are among the fastest cooling ACs in the market. The brand wanted to communicate this in a quirky yet simple way. Enter Heatman, a metaphor that gets the point across to everyone crystal-clearly.”


Agency: FCB Interface
Brand: Blue Star
Group CEO, FCB Group India and South Asia : Dheeraj Sinha
Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer : Joemon Thaliath
Vice Chairman & Chief Creative officer: Robby Matthew
Chief Operating Officer: Gaurav Dudeja
Chief Creative Officer: Rakesh Menon
Executive Vice President: Ruchita Purohit
Creative Team: Sricharan C, Sadanand Warpe, Yogesh Bhagat, Vinayak Ghadigaonkar, Pankhil Kaicker
Account Management: Swapnil Jadhav, Twisha Chhaya, Abhijit Rao
Strategy Team: Nithya Padmanabhan, Ashna Shah

Brand Team:
Vice President – Marketing (Cooling & Purification Appliances) & Corporate Communications – Girish Hingorani
Marketing Team – Kevin D’Silva, Ashmitha Shetty, Ajinkya Dalvi
Production House: Fanboy Pictures
Director: Subodh Menon

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