Rising Indonesian pop sensation Nyoman Paul Fernando Aro breathes new life into Christian Bautista’s ‘The Way You Look at Me’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Christian Bautista‘s signature hit “The Way You Look At Me” was given new life as a single from rising Indonesian pop sensation Nyoman Paul Fernando Aro. The reimagined version was released on March 15, with musical arrangement from renowned Indonesian composer, Andi Rianto.

Nyoman Paul is relatively new to the music scene but has already captured the hearts of many with his distinctive blend of Indonesian and Swedish influences. He first gained widespread attention after captivating audiences on Indonesian Idol, where his soulful voice and magnetic stage presence left a lasting impression. Since then, he has been on a meteoric rise, earning praise for his emotive performances and confident demeanor. Interestingly, Christian was himself a singing contest alumnus during the song’s maiden release in 2004. “The Way You Look At Me,” the first track off Christian’s eponymous debut album, was a certified hit, eventually enjoying massive airplay in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia.

In reimagining Christian’s timeless ballad, Nyoman Paul was eager to infuse his own personal touch while staying true to its essence. With the guidance of Andi’s expert arrangement, this collaboration breathed new life into the song, evoking a range of emotions and memories for listeners.


The release of the rearranged version garnered significant anticipation and excitement among fans,
symbolizing the harmonious fusion of talents from different corners of the globe. It served as a reminder of the universal language of music, capable of transcending geographical boundaries and bringing people together in shared appreciation.

Prior to the song’s official release, Christian was able to attend Andi’s musical showcase The Sound of Colors II in Jakarta last December and witnessed how the entire stadium erupted into applause and sang along to Nyoman Paul’s version.

“‘The Way You Look at Me’ has changed my life in so many ways. It’s more than just a beautiful song; it has been a blessing and a key that still opens doors for me 20 years since I first released it. I am happy for Nyoman Paul taking this on. He and Andi have done such a great job arranging it for the times,” shared Christian.

With Christian’s iconic hit, written by Andrew Fromm and Keith Follese, as the foundation, Nyoman Paul and Andi embarked on a musical journey that resonated with audiences across nations, all because of a shared love for music.

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