Campaign Spotlight: National Artist Ryan Cayabyab revives 12 Days of Christmas for Ayala Malls

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– With the last stretch of the year, malls are abuzz with last-minute shoppers and people who, in general, are on holiday furlough. As the send off to a disruption ridden year, Ayala Malls is the first to give a message of hope through the prowess of none-other-than National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab.

“It’s Gonna Be a Happy Day” is a prelude to the yet-to-be-known challenges that humanity will encounter. Anchoring on the insight that the every day does not have to be perfect for it to be happy.

A classic take on the dated 12 Days of Christmas, the song gives 12 tips on how to be happy during the Yuletide Season:

  1. Spend the day with friends
  2. Savor every moment
  3. Go out and explore
  4. Have a dance break
  5. Pick a sweet treat
  6. Hang out with a cutie
  7. Help someone out
  8. Check in lolo and lola
  9. Make someone smile
  10. Get a little help from your friends
  11. End the day with a blast
  12. Create your own happiness everyday

“The song is the perfect gift of happy that everyone deserves after all we have faced this year. With all that has happened and is happening, we all need a reminder that happiness is an individual’s choice,” said Mr. C as reported by ABS-CBN.

The Ayala Mall’s Christmas ID, “It’s Gonna be a Happy Day,” will be performed by the premiere all Filipina group MusiKa Filipina on December 19, at Ayala Malls Trinoma at 6 pm.

About MusiKa Filipina

MusiKa Filipina is a female collective of performers par excellence, headed by Soprano and Philippine Madrigal Singers almuna Bianca Camille Lopez-Aguila.

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