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Awards: Agencies and designers in APAC win 38 Cubes in historic ADC 100th Annual Awards

NEW YORK, USA — Agencies and designers in Asia Pacific collected five Gold, 11 Silver, and 22 Bronze Cubes in the historic ADC 100th Annual Awards, announced today as part of The One Club for Creativity’s global Creative Week 2021 festival.

A complete showcase of all ADC 100th Cube and Merit winners can be viewed here, a pdf of all winners can be downloaded here.


ADC 100th Annual Awards Cube winners from Asia Pacific are as follows.

Mainland China — 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 13 Bronze, 32 Merit

  • GOLD: Nanjing Han Qing Tang Design with Qing Zhao and Tao Zhu, all in Nanjing, for Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing “Browse Leipzig” in Publication Design
  • GOLD: LUO Studio with Yujie LuoChen Zhang and Wenjing Wei, all in Beijing, for Party and Public Service Center of Yuanheguan Village “Yuanheguan Village Committee” in Spatial Design
  • GOLD: Peng Ren Shenzhen for Shenzhen Explore Home Industrial Design “Smart-Box” in Product Design.
  • SILVER: Shaobin Lin with Linshaobin Design Shenzhen, both in Shenzhen, for Dali Tea Health “Dali Mixed Tea” in Brand/Communication Design
  • SILVER: Tencent Shenzhen with 25 Hours Guangzhou for Tencent Charity/99 Giving Day “Hope For Hometown“ in Brand/Communication Design.
  • SILVER: Tencent Shenzhen with Rudo Company Buenos Aires and Stink Studios Shanghai for Tencent/United Nations-2030 SDGs “The Penguin & The Whale in In-House
  • SILVER: Bofeng Liao Shenzhen for Lavie Matérielle Bookstore “20 Years 20 People 20 Stories” in Publication Design
  • SILVER: Chunle Chang Beijing for “Inverse Growth” in Fashion Design
  • SILVER: Linlin Design, Beijing “Stories Hidden in Chinese Characters” for Chemical Industry Press in Publication Design
  • BRONZE: Somei Design Shanghai with Echoic Audio London for Bilibili “Never Undo – Opening of Bilibili New Year’s Eve” in Motion/Film/Gaming Craft
  • BRONZE: Amber China with PA Fassion Lab, both in Shanghai, for Durex “Safely Feel The Real World” in Advertising
  • BRONZE: Another Design Guangzhou for Guangzhou Sansan Culture Development “Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Bofeng Liao Shenzhen for Lavie Matérielle Bookstore “20 Years 20 People 20 Stories” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Han Li Chongqing for “The Lovely Old Street In My Memory” self promotion in Illustration
  • BRONZE: Litete Brand Design TianJin for Wen Tai Yun “Jingyang Brick Tea” in Packaging Design
  • BRONZE: Minmin Qu and Qian Jiang Nanjing for Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing “Water” in Publication Design
  • BRONZE: BRONZE: Minmin Qu and Qian Jiang Nanjing for Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing “Contemporary Kunqu” in Publication Design
  • BRONZE: Quinsay Design Hang Zhou for its own “Grid Calendar 2021” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Shenzhen Bob Design Shenzhen for Nonfunctional Wangtian Agricultural Technology “Nongfu Wangtian Chili Sauce” in Packaging Design
  • BRONZE: The Nine Shanghai for Yan Ji You Bookstore “Guess Which Book Is It?” In Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Tian Bo Guangzhou for Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts “GAFA Online Degree Show 2020” in Brand/ Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Tian Bo Guangzhou for Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts “GAFA Online Degree Show 2020” in Typography

Japan — 2 Gold, 5 Bronze, 24 Merit

  • GOLD: Dentsu with Adbrain, Pict and Tamaki Yoshida, all in Tokyo, for Toyota Motor Corporation “Born From WRC GR YARIS” in Photography
  • GOLD: Dentsu Tokyo for Menicon “Beautiful Days” in Packaging Design
  • BRONZE: Dentsu Tokyo with Amana for Saitama City “Saitama Collection” in Fashion Design
  • BRONZE: Drill with Dentsu, both in Tokyo, for The Foundation for Ainu Culture UPOPOY National Ainu Museum & Park “Illuminating the Indigenous Soul” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: TBWA\Hakuhodo with AOI Pro, Mount and Rhizomatiks, all in Tokyo, for Uniqlo/Heattech “Uniqlo Thermoart” in Interactive
  • BRONZE: Goo Choki Par Tokyo for Issey Miyake “Homme Plissé Issey Miyake ‘Session’ ” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Lifull Tokyo for its own “Bamboo Sweets” in Brand/Communication Design

Macau — 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Merit

  • SILVER: Indego Design Macau for Naughty Roll “Golden Rat Postcard Sets” in Brand/Communication Design
  • BRONZE: Indego Design Macau for Estabelecimento De Comidas Vah Thai posters in Brand/Communication Design

Singapore — 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 3 Merit

  • SILVER: The LEGO Agency, APAC Singapore for The LEGO Group “White Noise” in In-House, Experiential Design – Digital Experiences
  • BRONZE: Factory Singapore for Nanyang Technological University, School of Arts, Media and Design “ADM Traveling Show 2020” in Brand/Communication Design

Taiwan — 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, 4 Merit

  • SILVER: Goeun Park with Wei-Hao Wang, both in Taipei, for “Body Type” self promotion in Typography
  • SILVER: Wang Zhihong Studio with Yuwen Hsu and Zhihong Wang, all in Taipei, for Faces Publications “The Autobiography of Eikoh Hosoe Trilogy” in Publication Design
  • BRONZE: +ing Taipei for Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government “Mouse Light Fun” in Spatial Design
  • BRONZE: Tzu-Ning Hsu Tainan for “Thinking out of box” in Publication Design

Thailand — 1 Silver

  • SILVER: Boondesign Bangkok for “Blind House” in Spatial design

Hong Kong, India and Vietnam had only Merit winners.  In Hong Kong, Merits went to Dillon M. Banda Hong Kong, StudioWMW Hong Kong, Mak Kai Hang Kowloon and  .Oddity Studio Hong Kong. In India, the Merit went to Arushi Kathuria Mumbai, Ananya Khaitan New Delhi, and in Vietnam, the Merit was awarded to Behalf Studio Ho Chi Minh City.

Globally, ADC 100th Annual Awards Black Cube for Best of Show went to “The Uncensored Library” by DDB Germany Berlin with MediaMonks Hilversum and Blockworks London on behalf of Reporters Without Borders.  The work also received the ADC Designism Cube for the entry that best encourages positive societal and political change.

ADC 100th Annual Awards top winners, based on cumulative points for all ADC awards won this year, are:

  • Agency of the Year: DDB Germany Berlin
  • Network of the Year: DDB Worldwide
  • Design Team of the Year: The New York Times Magazine New York
  • Production Company of the Year: MediaMonks Hilversum
  • Music & Sound Company of the Year: JSM Music New York
  • In-House Agency of the Year: Spotify In-House New York
  • Boutique Agency of the Year: CRK Basel
  • Boutique Design Firm of the Year: DADADA Studio/Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Vilnius (Lithuania)
  • Client of the Year: The New York Times
  • Freelancer of the Year (as selected by The One Club and Working Not Working): Mah Ferraz Brooklyn
  • The Member’s Choice AwardsCOLLINS San Francisco “Brand Identity” for San Francisco Symphony

About the Network and Agency of the Year winsAri Weiss, CCO, DDB Worldwide said: “Advertising has always been one part art, one part science. I had a boss once who said a great piece of communication is 80% craft and 80% idea. He wasn’t great at math, but he was great at making his point. To see our craft celebrated like this by an organization like ADC really validates the journey we’re on as a network to love the craftsmanship as much as we love the idea.”

The Bloc New York won two ADC Fusion Cubes, in the initial year of the industry-first special award honoring creative excellence and diversity both in the content of the work and the creative and production teams who made it.  The Bloc won one Fusion Cube for “The Call” on behalf of EmpowHer NY, and the other for National Black Child Development Institute “ABCs of Survival”.

Tied with the most ADC Gold Cubes this year are BBDO Group Germany Düsseldorf and INGO Stockholm, each with seven. Spotify In-House New York won six Golds, followed by DDB Germany Berlin and The New York Times Magazine New York with five each and The New Yorker with four.

A total of 9,132 pieces were entered from 61 countries in the ADC 100th Annual Awards.  Agencies, studios, brands, production companies, and designers in 36 countries were awarded a total of 98 ADC Gold Cubes, 104 Silvers, 171 Bronze, and 382 Merits this year.

Now in its historic 100th year, the ADC Annual Awards are the longest continually running global creative awards honoring excellence in craft, innovation, and design.  The One Club will hold a special ADC centennial event this fall in New York, with details to be announced shortly.

The ADC 100th Annual Awards Global Creative Rankings will be announced next week, followed by The One Club Global Creative Rankings, combining winners from ADC 100th and The One Show 2021.

Creative Week 2021 sponsors include ShutterstockVerizon and Working Not Working.

The One Club for Creativity, producer of The One Show, ADC Annual Awards, Type Directors Club Communication Design and Typeface Design awards, Young Guns and Creative Week, is the world’s foremost non-profit organization whose mission is to support and celebrate the global creative community.  The One Show is a top global awards show for advertising, design and digital marketing, focusing on the creativity of ideas and quality of execution.  Established in 1921, the global ADC Annual Awards are the world’s longest continuously running creative award for advertising and design, honoring excellence in craft, design and innovation.  Creative Week takes place in June, and is the preeminent festival celebrating the intersection of advertising and the arts.

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