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Awards: PAGEONE wins 5th Agency of the Year Award in the 56th Anvil Awards

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Beating all agencies that submitted entries in the 56th Anvil Awards, PAGEONE won Agency of the Year (AOY) Award from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). This is the 5th consecutive AOY of the agency and the recognition coincides with the celebration of its 6th anniversary in April.

All its clients, which sought the help of the agency in designing and implementing the campaigns and in packaging their entries in the Anvil Awards, also won in their respective categories. Two of the agency’s entries were even declared finalists for the Grand Anvil Award.

“We at PAGEONE are deeply overwhelmed by this unprecedented and unequalled recognition. We are truly humbled and at the same time proud of this AOY award.  I want to salute my team in PAGEONE for this award. Their diversity of culture, styles, points of view, creativity, intelligence, work ethic, even their beauty make them some of the greatest people I could ever wish to have as colleagues,” PAGEONE CEO Ron F. Jabal, APR, said.


Since it was established in 2015, PAGEONE and its clients have already won four (4) Grand Anvil Awards  and three (3) Platinum Awards from PRSP. The agency has received multiple awards from the Philippine Quill Awards of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the APAC IABC Silver Quill Awards and the Global Gold Quill Awards. 

In 2019, PAGEONE was one of the agencies recognized as ASEAN Agency of the Year in Kuching, Malaysia. To date, PAGEONE has already won more than 200 awards in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and the Philippines.

In receiving the AOY Award, Mr. Jabal added, “I want to salute our clients, supporters, and  partners, for they are the ones that help us keep alive the light of excellence, the joy of working together, and the passion to deliver more, to perform better, and to achieve the best for the brands. I also want to honor our families for all the love they have showered upon us at all times”.

The PAGEONE executive shares the agency’s 5th AOY award with colleagues in the PR industry by reminding all practitioners that excellence, respect for people, and behaving ethically should be the power that propel everybody together and ahead.  “They should form part of the soul that characterize our reputation – which is truly our license to operate”, Jabal said.

He concluded his acceptance speech with one of his favorite quotes, “Dum inter homines, sumus colamus humanita (While we are among humans, let us be humane).

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