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Unbox Creator Network expands Influencer Marketing Division for better access to the most in-demand A-listers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The future of influencer marketing in the Philippines is looking brighter as ever with more brands turning to social media to reach a wider audience. In line with this, the Unbox Creator Network (UCN) is expanding its Influencer Marketing Division to give brands better access to the most in-demand celebrities and A-listers locally and across the globe.

Sky’s the limit for UCN’s Influencer Marketing Division

This year, Unbox Creator Network can now connect brands to the likes of Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ninong Ry, Kryz Uy and Slater Young, Daniel Matsunaga, Real Talk Darbs, Michael “Bitoy” V., Chef RV Manabat, James Deakin, Wil Dasovich, Bea Benedicto, and Lexi Mendiola.


Apart from the big names in the local scene, UCN has also gone global. UCN, through its strategic partnerships and business relationships, can also help companies access potential brand partnerships with international influencers and artists such as Bella Poarch, Enhypen, NewJeans, Dua Lipa, LANY, and Le Sserafim.

“The past years showed us how the field of influencer marketing has grown significantly. We’re expecting this growth trajectory to keep going, which is why the sky’s the limit for Unbox Creator Network’s Influencer Marketing Division. It’s now a different ball game as we’ve expanded our current roster of content creators with unimaginable influence, from local to global,” remarked Unbox Creator Network Managing Director Lea Inocian.

She added that recently, brands have started to look beyond follower count and engagement. The most common request from brands now is to partner with content creators who not only have the reach, but exhibit the values aligned with theirs and help them establish long-term relationships with their customers.

The power of best practices in influencer marketing

The best practices in the industry are what brands consider when working with an agency for influencer marketing, and this is what the UCN clearly offers.

Lea shared, “Providing data-driven insights is at the very core of UCN to help brands find creative ways to engage with their target audience, both online and offline. Beyond the numbers, we offer brands the latest industry trends and solid and creative influencer marketing plans that will bring them brand love, loyalty, and generate leads and conversion.” 

According to Lea, collaboration between UCN and the brands they work with is what also makes their influencer marketing campaigns effective. “Together with our partner brands, we set clear goals, track, and measure. We collaborate on the content to create ones that are engaging and authentic. Plus, we continuously optimize and use data gathered to identify areas for improvement for future campaigns,” she revealed.

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