Bouygues Telecom, the leading French Telecom’s operator that had the internet going crazy over their Awkward Dad dancing to Redbone’s “Come get your love” last Christmas is back. Teaming up with Netflix, Bouygues Telecom presents a film with a hidden challenge embedded – and it’s a real brainteaser!

Bouygues Telecom is bringing out a new TV commercial that should intrigue and challenge even the most hardcore Netflix fans! There is more to this 60-second drama than what meets the eye – even the eye of an expert.

More precisely, there are 20 hidden references to Netflix original shows in this ad. Your mission? Find them.

Okay. So, you’ve spotted the lights from Stranger Things? Congrats… but that was the easiest one.

To find the other 19 you might want to take a closer look or two – even committed Netflix bingers with a trained eye for details will struggle to spot all the references.

The film created by BETC Paris shows a typical teenage boy chilling in front of Netflix on his phone when the battery suddenly runs out. We follow his desperate quest for a charger to watch the end of his episode. In a typical Bouygues Telecom manner the boy ends up finishing the series on the couch next to his cunning mother (guess who hid the charger…).

The ad that will run on French TV from this month promotes an offer where new premium phone and internet subscribers are offered one year of access to HD and multiple screen Netflix.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, prove it! Challenge your friends, go to to play and prove you’re the best!


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