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Campaign Spotlight: Biborg Celebrates the Gaming Community as Ubisoft Selects it to Lead the Artistic Direction of the New “Ubisoft Experience” Event Series

For the first time, Ubisoft has decided to organise a series of special events for its devoted fans around the world. To this end, the video game company awarded the artistic direction to agency Biborg, specialists in gaming. The first edition was held in Birmingham (UK) on August 24th / 25th and the next events will take place in Sydney on September 14th/15th, and Paris, during Paris Games Week, which begins October 31st.

With “Ubisoft Experience”, the brand wants to celebrate its community with exclusive access to games, the chance to speak directly with developers and many other surprises. An invitation to discover the creativity that brings the games’ different universes to life, in an environment of passion and sharing. 


As leaders of the “Ubisoft Experience” artistic direction, Biborg designed all of the principal master elements, to be adapted locally: trailer, key visuals, display campaigns and the design of merchandising tools.

Follow this link for a presentation of the Ubisoft Experience:




Brand : Ubisoft

Agency : Biborg

Agency Management : Bruno Luriot, Ismaël El-Hakim

Brand Management : Lucía Guzmán

Artistic Direction : Olivier Campion, Florent Zunino

Production : Morgane Roncin

Copywriting : Soliman El-Hakim



Inspired by best practices from the gaming world, Biborg – founded in 2009 – vow to create welcoming, non-intrusive, engaging and memorable experiences as instant invitations to connect brands with their audience. Through Online Advertising, Digital OOH, Brand Content, Online Activations and Interactive Installations, Biborg catch the user’s attention and allow brands to explore new ways of engaging with their fans, in a playful way.   Campaigns both at a global and local level for clients like 2K Games, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Blizzard, Capcom, King, Netflix, Riot Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, Wargaming, Warner Bros. account for Biborg’s success over the last ten years. The agency’s high expertise in the entertainment & gaming industry is now being used with other brands like Coty, Louboutin, Opera National de Paris, PayPal, Puig. Biborg stands for a beautiful digital world and freely explore avant-garde technologies and new interactive experiences with its teams in Paris, Nantes, Lyon and London.

Watch our Video Manifesto – Be Playful.

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