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Campaign Spotlight: Live 360 Experience to Reveal VanMoof’s Next-gen E-bike by Resn Brings an Immersive Look to the Brand

Amsterdam, Netherlands – The numbers don’t lie: governments and local authorities want more bikes on the street – and consumers are switching from four wheels to two in unprecedented numbers, fuelling talk of a new bicycle boom. However, launching a new product is a challenge now that live launch events are out of the question – and this can be especially painful for direct to consumer brands, like VanMoof, the Dutch bike meets smart tech company. As brands all over the world race to switch live product launches into digital experiences, Digital Experience and Design Studio Resn brings experiential marketing into the lockdown era with its online reveal of VanMoof’s all-new S3 and X3. An interactive experience which seamlessly combines video, audio, interactive real time 3D, commenting and live audience Q&A to engage fans in an entirely new way – resulting in VanMoof’s most successful launch ever.



The approach is paying off. The first results already show unprecedented engagement and conversion – with over 6000 live viewers; more than 2000 live questions and 4400 bikes ordered by 24 hours after the event. Unsurprisingly, sales are up+ 20 % and product is moving twice as fast as during any previous launch in the company’s history.

“The goal is not to replicate the real-life experience of a product launch, it’s to reinvent it entirely says Matthijs Horsman, General Manager of Resn. For the 15 years our aim has been to make the digital experience not only unique, emotional – but also immersive. This is especially relevant now, as the terrifying events of the last months have changed the way we as brands and agencies interact with people, customers and fans forever.” says Matthijs Horsman, General Manager of Resn. 

To help VanMoof pioneer the virtual launch space, we created a fully immersive and interactive product launch. Broadcasted live – open to everyone. By using the brand’s visual identity in combination with real time 3D web technology, we’ve designed an experience to engage attendees in a completely new way. With the bike’s design as a centerpiece we’re giving the fans a revolutionary interactive launch, combining video, audio, interactive real time 3D, commenting and live audience Q&A.” Says Simon Jullien, Creative Director at Resn

More than simply an unveil, the launch was an extended program of personalized interaction with a social aspect for fans, influencers and press alike. The launch started by socialising the guests by asking them to upload their profiles so that they can interact with each other while they get ready for the big reveal. This social aspect gives the experience a personal, human touch. The programme then kicked off with a talk by VanMoof’s co-founders, the brothers Taco and Ties Carlier who joined from Amsterdam and Taipei respectively via video streaming. Once the founders revealed the new S3 and X3, guests were able to freely explore and interact with the bike in real time 3D discovering it at their own pace – followed by a walk through of the key features by the founders, bringing video, audio and interactive together in a seamless experience. 

Fans could react, chat with each other and ask questions with the click of a button – answers to some of the 2000 questions that came were answered in a live Q&A session with the two founders. The democratic nature of the event used tech to bring unlimited numbers of fans closer to the new product and its makers, than ever before – and interact directly with the founders of VanMoof.

“Over 6000 riders from around the world were watching live – we’ve never been able to share a launch experience with so many people at once. The VanMoof S3 & X3 launch was the most successful and most-viewed in VanMoof’s history. Right now, I couldn’t be happier!” Taco Carlier, CEO & co-founder VanMoof.



Client:   VanMoof

Digital Experience and Design Studio:  Resn

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