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Campaign Spotlight: Ogilvy & Mather Philippines presents “Diskarteng Colonel” with Leo Martinez and KFC

MANILA – It was only a matter of time until Leo Martinez got his shot as “the Colonel.” After the recent spate of KFC ads from Ogilvy & Mather Philippines featuring Ronaldo Valdez and Pen Medina dressed in the immaculate white suit, we knew that the third of the trio who auditioned to be the “First Filipino Colonel” would also have his moment. And what a moment it was, coinciding with the launch of KFC Teriyaki Shots.

Discussing “Diskarteng Colonel 101,” Batangueño Martinez gives tips on how to succeed like only he can by being frugal and not going over one’s budget. These tips range from always bringing water wherever you go (Be an Aquaman), to planning how to pose for supposedly candid photos (Plandid), all the way to planning a date night with your “bae” using KFC Teriyaki Flavor Shots (Presentation Level 9000).


Martinez’s Colonel echoes his popular character of Cong. Manhik Manaog but with a decidedly less political and more advisory streak. He then shows off his study, surrounded by photos and statues of himself as well as some chickens to further emphasize the KFC story.

When he calls for his butler, Jhunjhun, to bring in a tablet, no less than comedian Jun Sabayton makes a cameo and appears with the device. When the Colonel asks for his butler’s Wi-Fi password, he has to do a double take when it is revealed to be “JhunjhunLovesColonel,” ending the spot on a high note.

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