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Filipino student named Drink Water preaches hydration as Gatorade No Sugar’s unexpected new endorser

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Gatorade No Sugar has a new endorser. But it’s not who the internet thinks it is.

Drink Water Rivera is just a regular guy who is passionate about hydration. A Filipino university student who firmly believes that “hydration is life,” and this principle is a fundamental part of his lifestyle.

Thanks to the internet’s insatiable interest in individuality, his distinctive name alone has captured the fascination of netizens and has risen to become a trending topic on the online stage. It was a conversation that Gatorade knew it had to be part of.


Because while Drink Water might drink water for every occasion in his life, he reaches for Gatorade No Sugar when he exercises or for active moments.

To tell Drink Water’s story, Gatorade has released a mockumentary that masterfully combines witty humor with a charmingly Filipino cultural touch. It shifts the conversation from Drink Water drinks water to Drink Water drinks Gatorade No Sugar.

The film goes beyond entertainment and educates viewers about the little-known fact that sweat causes more than just water loss. It emphasizes the importance of proper hydration and sheds light on the effects of sweat on the human body. This is where Gatorade No Sugar comes in, as it has electrolytes you need to replenish what you’ve lost through sweat.

Ray Philip Pine, Marketing Director of PH Beverages at PepsiCo, said, “We were quick to seize an opportunity when we observed the trending online buzz around Drink Water. We recognized the potential to join an ongoing conversation and acted upon it. Drink Water and Gatorade’s convergence was a seamless and logical one, grounded in their shared passion for healthy, real hydration. Their alliance is an authentic and compelling tale, primed for the cultural zeitgeist.”

Katrina Encanto, ECD at 180 Amsterdam, added, “This idea felt like the perfect intersection between a unique Filipino insight and Gatorade’s brand truth. By casting Drink Water as our hero, we hope to share a story that is both heartwarming and enlightening about hydration.”

Brand: Gatorade
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Production Company: Film Pabrika
Director: Joel Limchoc
Music: Adelphoi Music
Sound Design: Wave Amsterdam

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