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Fred & Farid Shanghai’s ‘Face The North Face’ campaign embraces the freezing outdoors and all its challenges

SHANGHAI, CHINA — The iconic outdoor brand, The North Face, has unveiled its latest campaign, “Face The North Face (直面北面),” crafted in collaboration with FRED & FARID Shanghai. This initiative transcends conventional brand outreach, targeting not only seasoned outdoor enthusiasts but also a broader urban audience across tier-one cities in China and Greater China.

The North Face, known for its high-quality, durable, and high-performance gear, has always catered to those who thrive in the outdoors. Yet, as winter unfolds its challenges with the economic chill in China, marked by a real estate downturn and rising youth unemployment amid global uncertainties, the brand extends its narrative. It’s a call to embrace the cold, the tough, and the unforgiving, much like the harsh conditions of the brand’s namesake, the north face of a mountain.

“Face The North Face (直面北面)” is more than a campaign; it’s a narrative echoing the brand’s enduring spirit of “Never Stop Exploring.” The campaign kicked off with a nostalgic 30-second anthem film, airing in 263 cinemas across 12 cities. This is complemented by a series of Out Of Home (OOH) LEDs, and media pushes on WeChat and TikTok, laying a robust foundation for a season-long engagement with the audience.


As the winter season progresses, the campaign will unveil nine different content films, a series of 10 key visuals, and over 300 supporting images across all The North Face stores nationwide. Each piece of content, meticulously crafted, aims to resonate with the tenacity and resilience required to face adversities, be it the cold wilderness or the urban grind.

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