Design: Filipino food alphabet of vegetable dishes and ingredients for Nutrition Month

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — What is Ilocano for bamboo shoot? What is a “rice flour roll” from Zamboanga?

Learn this and more from an alphabet of Filipino vegetables & vegetable-based Filipino food, from A to Z. Just in time for Philippine Nutrition Month this July.

The alphabet features dishes and ingredients from different parts of the country such as Palapa, a delicious and spicy Maranao condiment from Lanao del Sur. It also features different words for Filipino fruits and vegetables such as Yangka, which is Kapampangan for jackfruit.


26 different vegetables and vegetable-based dishes and ingredients can be found in the alphabet. It is illustrated with cute and playful characters by Albert Balbutin Jr., who resides in Quezon City.

“There is more to Filipino food than the meat-based or fried dishes we grew to love,” said Balbutin. “After my mother’s stroke, I was surprised to find many different Filipino dishes that were healthier for us. I illustrated this alphabet to highlight some of these dishes and ingredients.”

Did you know Ampalaya has been used in many traditional medicines as a natural remedy for treating diabetes? Or that Malunggay is known to have more nutrients than regular sources of vitamins such as oranges, carrots, and even milk?

Introduce yourself and your family to a world of Filipino vegetable dishes and ingredients. Start with this alphabet and let us start cooking & learning. For the health of people, and the planet.

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