At Cannes Lions 2024, Stagwell’s Beth Sidhu says, ‘Sport Beach is now a brand in its own right’

CANNES, FRANCE — From June 18 to 21, Stagwell’s Sport Beach marked its return to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, solidifying its place as the premier destination for sports business discussions at the prestigious event.

“Sport Beach is the premier sports business destination at Cannes, built for brands, platforms, and athletes to tap into the cultural zeitgeist of sports and explore the business opportunities there,” Beth Sidhu, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Stagwell, shared. “In 2023, when Stagwell first introduced Sport Beach, it was the first time these groups converged at Cannes Lions to explore the dynamic culture of sports business, and to great success.”

This year, Stagwell elevated the experience with 60% more physical space, four days of comprehensive programming, and over 50 athlete and brand partners.


In-depth programming and themes

The 2024 edition of Sport Beach featured programming organized around five key themes:

• Athlete Creators and New Media

• Wine, Spirits, Hospitality

• Tech & Innovation

• Culture & Community

• Global Reach

These themes provided a broad platform for athletes, guests, and brand partners to explore global sports’ emerging challenges and opportunities.

“Our goal is to provide a space where athletes, guests, and brand partners can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of new technologies, industries, and communities in global sports,” Beth said.

Additionally, Sport Beach offered multiple workouts and open play daily, including activities such as run club, pilates, rock climbing, golf clinic, flag football, pickleball, basketball, and more.

Bridging creativity, brands, and sports

Beth further emphasized the crucial link between creativity, brands, and sports. “Today’s athletes are multi-hyphenate leaders who excel in business, media, and more, far beyond the field, court, or arena. By engaging athletes in true partnerships, from product development to marketing strategies, brands can benefit from the athletes’ unique perspectives and engaged audiences,” she said. “Sport Beach provides a platform for brands and athletes to discuss the many ways creativity manifests in that work, from athletes engaging on new media channels to address their audiences directly to brands using AR and other technologies to enhance their bottom line message.”

Cannes as a crucial venue and future expansion

Cannes Lions remains a key venue for Sport Beach due to its global influence and the convergence of creative professionals. Beth noted, “Our incredible turnout this year demonstrates a hunger from athletes and brands alike to get together at Cannes and have important conversations about making the most of the business opportunities in sports.”

Regarding future expansion, Beth hinted at broader ambitions. “As we consider where else to show up, it’s important to note Sport Beach is now a brand in its own right.”

About Stagwell

Stagwell, a challenger network comprised of creators, entrepreneurs, and technologists dedicated to revolutionizing the future of marketing, boasts a global footprint. With over 70 agencies spanning 34 countries, Stagwell delivers seamless, scalable solutions to a diverse clientele of 4,000 clients worldwide. In 2024, Stagwell expanded its influence by welcoming Octopus&Whale, a prominent gaming and experience design agency based in the Philippines, into its esteemed global affiliate program. This strategic move enhances Stagwell’s ability to innovate and collaborate across borders, reinforcing its commitment to advancing marketing practices on a global scale.

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