Digital: Creativity Can Still Happen in Quarantine with And a Half’s Design Dialogues at Home

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With COVID-19 effectively forcing people to stay home for the past few months, many are looking for things to do or learn in an attempt to stay productive, creative, or simply stay preoccupied. This is the scenario that And a Half Branding and Design Studio faced when they initiated a series of talks known as Design Dialogues at Home.


A series of online talks where creative professionals from different fields record a personal talk about what they do best and what their roles are in contemporary Filipino design, Design Dialogues at Home’s first set of speakers covered typography, interior design, photography, and the visual arts.



Through a shared value for creativity, And a Half hopes to foster a greater sense of community by inspiring people to be proactive though they are confined at home. Every week, the speakers record a 30-minute long video and at the end of each talk, a simple activity based on the topic of discussion is given by the speaker to the audience to encourage creativity.


The talks cover what the speakers enjoy doing whether those be their main line of work, a passion project, a hobby, or an interest. They then describe their work or creative space at home along with they have any rituals or routines that help set the mood for their creativity. They then talk about their individual creative processes, and also discuss where they draw inspiration from. These recorded and edited videos are then shared on the And a Half Instagram and social media accounts to sustain the conversation.

And a Half continues to seek partners who share the same value they have for creativity and who are willing to help build this community with the studio. New episodes come out every Wednesday on And a Half Studio’s IGTV.




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