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Brand & Business: Disney and Havas Media deploy Paragone’s AI-based tech to manage social media marketing

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), a global technology company that delivers its Synchronized Digital Branding solution across the three main pillars of digital advertising – ad search, social media and display/video and CTV advertising – today announced the launch of’s Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM). Paragone’s APM adds significant benefits to its already advanced, multi-channel social advertising management platform, which is now deployed with high-profile clients, including The Walt Disney Company and Havas Media.

Paragone’s APM is a SaaS platform, that provides brands and their advertising partner teams a holistic view of their social advertising spend across all networks, agencies, and platforms – from one easy-to-use interface.

APM provides Performance marketer real-time “virtuous cycle”. Ability to predict the effectiveness of social spend, recommend tactics to improve performance and activate these changes from one central view.


The technology of Paragone’s platform is more relevant than ever, with the pandemic having dramatically accelerated the explosive growth of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer social advertising. This puts increased pressure on performance marketers to drive engagement, leading to scalable, trackable, and optimizable return on Ad spend. The existing tools required to meet those objectives are fragmented and unsatisfactory.

With, the fragmented media ecosystem can now benefit from a cross-platform ability to “Capture and Convince” users by linking audience insights to manage campaigns across multiple social networks.

Customer Commentary 

“Havas’ ongoing partnership with Paragone has helped us maximize efficiency and improve ad performance for our clients,” says Jorge Irizar, Global COO of Havas Media Group. “Our global network of 500+ brands, is deriving measurable value from Paragone’s technology, which empowers us to drive our clients’ success across all social media channels, reaching unique target audiences to achieve better conversions with the best ROI. In addition, Paragone’s passionate commitment to service is invaluable to our team.”

“Since partnering with Paragone, we have been able to take our social media advertising performance to new heights,” says Tijmen Ter Veen, Digital Marketing Supervisor at The Walt Disney Company. “Paragone allows us to focus on managing the best campaigns through powerful, automated integrations.”

Management Commentary 

“The benefits of APM are far-reaching and include optimization, dramatically improved ROI, and massive time-saving,” says Shai Alfandary, general manager of “At its simple and most profound level, our technology automates the existential decision whether to ‘run with this, and not that’ by analyzing and automating data across all social platforms.”

“We are thrilled to introduce APM as part of the newly rebranded,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “This sophisticated technology meets the needs of advertisers who are relentlessly focused on engagement and returns and demonstrates the power of Perion’s ‘Capture and Convince’ platform as our connective tissue, a synergistic technology across the entire company.”

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