Cannes Lions 2020: Lion Essentials’ First Episode Focuses on Fernando Machado And Burger King’s Creative Success Story


CANNES, FRANCE – Cannes Lions recently launched and introduced Lion Essentials: a new documentary series that explores some of the biggest topics happening around the creative industry and reveals the detail, data and people at the core of the trends.

In this first episode, Cannes Lions explores and focuses Burger King’s Global CMO Fernando Machado and the culture for creativity he has developed for the fast-food giant. At last year’s Festival, Burger King took home the Titanium Grand Prix and the very first Creative Brand of the Year, and so much more. He dissects what was done with Burger King in this documentary, and answers the question: ‘How do you go about creating a culture where winning Lions becomes inevitable?’

Episode 1 of Lion Essentials investigates what goes into such a consistent level of creative success and look at how other brands can learn from them.

Watch the first episode below:

How Burger King Struck Gold and CMO Fernando Machado’s Creativity Conundrum | Lions Essentials


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