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Carat gains top ranking by RECMA for the 5th time in APAC and 4th for SEA

Carat is named number one in RECMA’s Qualitative Network Diagnostics report for the fifth time running in Asia Pacific and for the fourth time in Southeast Asia. Carat Asia Pacific was given top ranking by global independent media agency reports company RECMA for their Network Diagnostics report in August 2013 and Southeast Asia in February 2014. Both have continued to hold the top spot ever since.

The Network Diagnostics report consists of an aggregation of the overall ratings given to the media agencies (650 in total) through Qualitative Evaluation developed in 40 countries applying country weighting. Research is carefully analysed through 19 criteria and assessed according to a four-level Strength scale and is reassessed every six months.

Sean O’Brien CEO Carat Asia Pacific said, “Gaining the top spot for the fifth time running in Asia Pacific and fourth running for Southeast Asia shows Carat’s strength and growth in the region. The top ranking is testament to the hard work, strong culture, diverse talent and fantastic clients we work with, and our trajectory look set to continue.”


Across Asia Pacific, Carat Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia took the top spot in the most recent RECMA Network Diagnostics report, with Australia, China and Malaysia number two and Thailand, India and the Philippines in the top three.

“We are happy with Carat Philippines for being number 3 in over-all ranking. Our growth has been recognized and we have come a long way since new management took over the agency In 2012. Key to our success is the culture of innovation which is consistent with Carat’s positioning of “Redefining Media”. Such encouraging news only motivates us to work even harder,” said Gladys Rondina-Basinillo CEO, Carat Philippines

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